Surviving the Summer Weather at Disney World

Surviving the Summer Weather at Disney World

Are you headed to Walt Disney World this summer? Get ready for a scorcher. We’re sure you already know that its going to be hot if you’re planning a vacation in Orlando. But, we want to make sure you’re prepared so you can have the best Disney vacation possible. Even in 95+ degree heat and a 110 degree heat index. But how you can beat the summer weather at Disney? We’ve come up with 10 things to beat the heat!

Summer Weather in Florida

Tackling the summer weather at Walt Disney World is all about taking the time to plan ahead. Figure out what you need to buy to get through those hot days. What you need to wear. Which rides may be your best bet for staying out the sun. And plenty more things to consider if visiting Walt Disney World in the summer. While the average temperatures at Disney World in the summer range from 81-83 degreed Fahrenheit, Florida definitely leans towards the average high temperatures. Add in an oppressive amount of humidity, considering it’s also hurricane season at Disney World, and you can see why we don’t visit during the summer season. That’s said, if you’re brave enough to venture to Florida for the summer, here are all our best tips! 

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Stay Hydrated

We cannot stress this ENOUGH. Dehydration is no joke, especially if you are traveling with kids or the elderly. Be sure you have your water bottles ready and fill them often. Epcot recently got a new filtration system for their water fountains, which has made filling water bottles a lot easier there. We are hoping the rest of the Parks will follow suit.

But keep in mind, you can get free cups of water at any counter service restaurant. We have a pretty strict rule that any time we are getting Starbucks, we also get a water. When we are done with the water, pour the leftover ice cubes into your water bottle to keep it full and cool. Grabbing a Mickey pretzel for a snack? Do the same thing.

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Get Out of the Summer Weather at Disney

Get out of the heat! Obviously, if you want to enjoy the Parks, you can’t always get out of the heat. But during the peak sunshine hours of the day, between 12-4, make an effort to get out of the direct sun. Go to an inside ride or attraction, head back to your hotel to take advantage of the activities they have there or at the very least, spend some time in the shade. Read our Favorite rides for when it’s Hot at Disney to get ideas of how to still have fun. 

Use Sunscreen Every Day

Never going to stop saying it. Put it on in the morning and reapply throughout the day. Nothing can ruin a magical vacation as much as a painful sunburn. We like Sun Bum products best and its basically our go to for every Disney Vacation. However, we also highly recommend finding a good chemical sunscreen that won’t come off with regular hand washing, or sweat. It’s well worth the investment. 

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Dress for the Weather in Florida

Summer weather at Walt Disney World is all about dressing smarter. Tank tops, breathable mesh, shorts made of thinner fabric. We realize this may seem silly to even mention, but we’ve seen it many times. Kids dressed head to toe in full costume-like attire in 95 degree heat. Your princess can still be a princess without suffering heat exhaustion. There’s nothing wrong with wanting those cute little outfits for the perfect character meet photo, but be smart about what you or your kids are wearing when it gets that hot. Choose light breathable fabrics and avoid overdressing. If you absolutely must have your little Belle photographed matching her favorite princess, bring a change of clothes so she can cool off once the photos have been taken. Be sure to check out all our Disney Packing Tips for stuff to bring that works for the Florida Weather! 

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Visit the Water Parks

We feel like the water Parks at Walt Disney World just don’t get enough love. Maybe that’s because everyone is just too busy to visit them, or maybe they don’t get enough press. Whatever the case, we think both Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are both a great way to spend a hotter day, with lots of opportunities to cool off on rides, lazy rivers, wave pools or just putting your toes in the sand in one of the many shaded areas.

Disney Yacht and Beach Club Pools

Spend Some Time at the Resort Pool

The resorts at Walt Disney World are all beautifully themed and their pools are no exception. In fact we have a fantastic list of the best pools at Disney World, for you to consider! While you must be staying at a resort to use it’s pool, if you’re visiting in the summer, it makes sense to choose a Disney Resort with a great pool. We feel like a lot of people are in such a rush to get to the Parks and get everything done, that they forget that they are paying for the luxury of their resort. Take advantage of it! Throw on your swimsuit, grab a cool drink from the Pool Bar(yes they have non-alcoholic drinks for littles) or bring your own and spend some time enjoying that resort that you paid for.

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Take A Break from the Summer Weather at Walt Disney World

Whether you want to take a break at your resort, a restaurant, or just take a quick rest break on the People Mover, remember that your body is working a lot harder when its hot. You may not even realize you need a break because you might feel like you haven’t really done anything, but trust us: walking 10 miles throughout the day at the Parks in 100 degree heat indexes isn’t the same as walking 10 miles when the temp is lower. Your body has to work a lot harder; make sure you let yourself rest. Check out our favorite places to Take a Break at Disney World, which includes shaded spots in the parks, and nearby resorts., summer heat walt disney world

Eat the Right Foods

A lot of people, including us, don’t really feel like eating when the temperatures soar. That said, it’s not always best to add a heavy meal to your body when it’s so hot, and humid. It’s important to remember though, that you still need to eat to keep your body fueled. Even if it’s just smaller snacks throughout the day, it will help you keep your energy levels up. We highly recommend taking advantage of the fresh foods you can find across the parks, and dare we say, limit your carbs. Anything heavy may upset your stomach.

Magic Kingdom is by far one of the worst places to get food, but both the nearby Gasparilla Grill at Grand Floridian and Contempo Cafe at Disney’s Contemporary Resort have fresh salads, and light flatbreads and salads to try. Animal Kingdom’s Satu’li Canteen is a great place for power bowls filled with fresh foods. In EPCOT we like Choza Margarita for light sides, and the grab and go market at the Beach and Yacht Club, just through the international gateway, also walkable from Hollywood Studios.

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Choose the Right Disney Resort for Summer

Believe it or not, choosing the right resort for a Summer Vacation at Walt Disney World can make all the difference between a manageable vacation, and a fantastic one. There are a variety of options across budgets, offering different transportation options, food options, proximity to certain parks and pools. How is your Disney Summer Vacation going to look? Are you mostly at a certain park, or at the pool? For instance, if you’re looking for shade and nature, and getting away from it all, then Fort Wilderness Resort is your best bet! If you’re mostly visiting the Disney Water Parks, then choosing a hotels near Disney Springs will get you close enough to stay out of traffic and long bus lines. Or perhaps you’re really just hoping to be close to EPCOT with a great pool! Whatever you’re needs, check out the Best Disney Resorts for Summer for all our best recommendations. 

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Knowledge is Power

Know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. I realize this may sound a little grave for a Disney blog, but Cast Members will actually warn you of heat stroke signs when it gets too hot. Being able to recognize the early signs of these conditions can keep a bad situation from becoming worse. The heat index in Florida can often climb higher than 100 degrees, so be mindful of how you’re feeling and stay out of the heat when you can. 

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Be Prepared for the Summer Weather at Walt Disney World

The best thing you can do to beat Summer Weather at Walt Disney World is simply be prepared. Buy the things you need before your trip, so when the temps start to rise, you have the right tools in your bag to help you and your family cool down. Cooling towels, mini fans, water bottles and more can aid you in being ready. 

Disney Summer Vacation Weather 

Summer weather at Walt Disney World could ruin your vacation if you’re not prepared for it. Hopefully you found these tips helpful and are ready to have the best vacation ever! What are your tips for staying cool at Disney in the summer months? 

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