Your First Day at Disney World Top 10 Easy Things to Do

Your First Day at Disney World Top 10 Easy Things to Do

No matter when you take a Disney Vacation, figuring out what you should do on your First Day at Disney World is always a struggle. Should you maximize your time and head to the parks? Allow yourself a second to breathe and just stay at the resort? Make a dinner reservation? With transportation options, time, money, and stamina to consider, here are some favorite things to do on your First Day at Disney World

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What To Do on Your First Day at Disney World

We believe in no-stress vacations. But, if you’re fitting a Disney vacation into a short period of time or feel like every second counts, then you’ll likely make a few rushed choices. Especially if this is your First Trip to Walt Disney World and you’re trying to do all the things! So how can you make the most of your first day at Walt Disney World? Without overdoing it? Here are some things to consider for your First Day at Disney World BEFORE you start making plans. Because it will affect how you fill your day and set up the rest of your vacation.

What should I do the day I arrive at Walt Disney World?

A Walt Disney World Arrival day could include pretty much anything. But, we recommend you keep plans to a minimum. So what should you do the day you arrive at Walt Disney World? This depends on a few things; what time of day you arrive, the length of your vacation, money, and what kind of traveling you’ve done that day. We’ll assume that travel is exhausting, that you want to stay on your Disney Budget, and that you want to make the most of your Disney Vacation. Here are our best tips for what you should do on your first day at Walt Disney World.

Head to the Disney Water Parks 

Starting with arrivals in 2025, Walt Disney World is offering a new Disney Resort Perk to Disney resort guests- FREE admission to the Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach on Check-In Day! While this perk is only available on your check-in day, it’s value is close to a $70 per person savings.  If you have plans for a water park visit during your vacation, then planning to stay at a Disney Resort, can you get a free visit on your arrival day. All the more reason to book an early flight and make a plan!

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Skip the Parks

No matter how long your vacation or how much money you’ve spent on this Disney Vacation, know that a rushed first day can affect your WHOLE vacation. For this reason, we almost always recommend not to go to the parks. Yes, Don’t Go to the Parks. Even if you arrive early. Why? Several Reasons.

Say you grab a flight in the wee hours of the morning somewhere between 4-6 am. Even if you get to the Orlando International Airport by 8 or 9 am, you’re already behind. Because it will take you about 45-60 minutes to get to your Disney Resort from the airport. This means you’ll be entering the parks sometime during the busiest time of day; 10 am-4 pm. This also means you’ll be faced with crowds at the gates, faced with lines at the rides, and tired from the journey in.

Another reason we usually stay away from the parks on our First Day at Disney World is that we are conscious of our Disney Budget. Spending money on a park ticket for your arrival day when we may be exhausted, can’t arrive by park opening, and won’t be able to hold out through the evening fireworks, doesn’t make sense for us. And with tickets at generally $110 bucks a day, we’d rather spend that on a full day in the parks than a compromised day.

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Settle into your Disney Resort

While not the most glamorous Arrival Day at Walt Disney World option nothing sets up a great vacation, like settling into your resort. With the changes in Disney Transportation options, you will be traveling with your own luggage. But, your room may not be ready. If you find that to be the case, you can easily leave your baggage at bell services until your room is ready.

Need a hack to get into your Disney Resort room sooner? Check into your resort In the My Disney Experience App. When you check-in you can pick a “time of arrival” that you would like your room ready. While there is no guarantee that your room will be ready at the time you choose, your chances of having it ready earlier are BETTER if you check in on the My Disney Experience App and choose a time. Otherwise, you will have to wait till 3 PM which is the official Disney Check-In time.

We love Disney Resorts. Perhaps you’re staying at Caribbean Beach Resort, with its Island theme, hidden alcoves,  winding trails, and the colorful main building. Or the classic Pop Century Resort, with its beautiful grounds, fun rooms, and the Everything Pop Shopping and Dining area. Maybe you’re staying closer to the action at the Boardwalk Inn, and going wild at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Wherever you choose, there is plenty to explore. Get familiar with the most things at your resort to help make your vacation easy and breezy.

Disney's CAribbean Beach Resort

Check out your Disney Resort Grounds

Head to the Main Building

This is the central hub at any resort for snacks, drinks, and food. While Disney Deluxe Resorts typically have a designated restaurant that acts as the commissary, the value and moderate resorts generally have the commissary in the main building where you check-in.  It doesn’t matter how well you plan there will be a day when you need something to eat. It could be a last-minute pizza or a quick breakfast, or maybe a full dinner. Each Disney Resort typically has a commissary or quick-service restaurant, a table service restaurant, and sometimes even a Disney Lounge.

Check out the Gift Shop

Home not only to Disney souvenirs, but the resort gift shop is also also the place where you’ll find last-minute necessities. Things like sunblock, band-aids, medicine, and all the stuff you should buy before you go to Disney.

Look for the Pools

If you’re a pool family, take your First Day at Disney World to find them at your resort. The pool schedule is available so you can plan pool time with or around activities. Check out our favorite Pools at Disney World Resorts. 

Check out the Recreation Calendar

Every Disney Resort has a recreation calendar that includes pool time games, trivia, and a list of movies that are part of the nightly movies on the lawn. Check out our Animal Kingdom Lodge Recreation post for examples of what the resorts typically have available.

Find the Laundry Building

If you’re on a longer vacation or have little ones, you may need the on-site laundry. This is typically open 24 hours and has vending machines with soap and softener, so you’re covered if you’re forgotten these things.

Scope out the Transportation Options. Where’s the Bus Stop? Do you have access to the Disney Skyliner, Monorail, Boat, or Walking Paths? Check out our Disney Transportation post to see which options are available at your Disney Resort.

Unpack your Bags

For us, on vacations where we actually take the time to unpack our suitcases and settle in, we find the whole trip easier. Getting ready for early mornings is easier. Getting ready for bed is easier. Suddenly there is time to shower, to watch Mickey cartoons, and not worry about digging through suitcases to find things. As a Disney World Arrival Day activity unpacking can feel daunting, but we do find it helpful!

Disney Refillable Mug first day at disney world

Grab the Disney Refillable Mug

We are big fans of the Walt Disney World Refillable Mug. This mug, while typically free with the Disney Dining Plan, can also be purchased at the resort commissary. And if you’re staying for any amount of time, we highly recommend you grab the refillable mug. It’s RFID activated to get you free drinks in the commissary throughout your stay, once purchased. Soda fountain drinks, coffees, teas, and cocoas are all included.

Grabbing this mug on your First Day at Disney World is the best way to make the most of your Disney Budget. Beverages are typically 4 dollars per person. But, it’s simple to multiply that by the number of days and people to see if this refillable mug souvenir is worth the cost.

Sebastians Bistro disney Caribbean Beach Resort

Book a Disney Restaurant Reservation at a Resort

A Disney World Arrival Day is usually so busy with travel that it’s easy to forget that you have to eat at some point. And while it may seem like a good idea to just grab a quick service meal anywhere you can find it. Plus, having a restaurant meal that requires you to sit down and eat for an hour, can often be a godsend. Especially on a busy day. If you’re staying at a Disney Resort with a table service restaurant, like Sebastian’s Bistro, Ale and Compass, or Kona Cafe you may not even need a reservation. Check the My Disney Experience App for availability.

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Resort Hop the Disney Resorts

By far one of our favorite things to do at Walt Disney World is Resort Hopping. And your First Day at Disney World is the perfect time to explore Disney Resorts. Ones at which you may or may not be staying. If you arrive at Walt Disney World early you can take time to explore resorts that may be near your own resort. Our favorite resorts for a Disney World Arrival Day are the Boardwalk Resorts, Monorail Resorts, Skyliner Resorts, and the Disney Resorts with Boat Transportation. All of these resorts offer great options for meals, gift shop browsing, and meandering the grounds.

Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll

Head to Disney Springs

One of the most popular things to do on First Day at Disney World is to visit Disney Springs. This Disney shopping center is filled with things to do, eat and see. From snack kiosks, to some of the best Quick Service Dining at Walt Disney World, you don’t want to spend a potential park day shopping. So why not spend some time at Disney Springs on your arrival or departure days.

disney boardwalk at food and wine festival

Go to the Disney Boardwalk

One of our favorite things to do on our First Day at Disney World is to head to the Disney Boardwalk. The Walt Disney World’s Boardwalk is accessible by car, Disney bus, and Skyliner. If you’re staying at one of the Boardwalk Resorts, or the Swan and Dolphin Hotels you can simply walk outside the door. But if you’re elsewhere on Disney property, it’s worth the visit! You can head to the gift shops to browse. Or stop at The Market at Ale and Compass to grab snacks and coffee. But perhaps Beaches and Cream Soda Shop is more your style. And a meal at Trattoria al Forno is always a treat.

Play Miniature Golf

Walt Disney World is a mecca of sports and recreation. And if you’re arriving early on your First Day at Disney World you may have some time to just play! Think about that. What a great way to start your vacation. Walt Disney World has two miniature golf courses, Winter Summerland and Fantasia Gardens. Winter Summerland is located at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, and you simply grab a Disney bus from your resort to Blizzard Beach.

And Fantasia Gardens Mini golf is just next to the Disney Swan Hotel, and you can grab a bus there too. While you may not think of miniature golf as something that should be part of your Disney vacation, it’s a super fun way to start your trip. And one that automatically gets you in the mindset of rest and relaxation.

What’s the Best Time to Arrive at Walt Disney World?

After years of traveling To and From Walt Disney World from Ohio, we’re used to driving, flying, getting there early, getting there late, and getting there in the middle of the day. With so many options on when to arrive at Walt Disney World what will work best for you and your family?


If you’re on a shorter vacation arriving in the morning on your first day at Walt Disney World could help you reclaim some time. But keep in mind that arriving in the morning, also means that you may have been on an early flight. Or driving all night. Either way, you will be exhausted before dinner.


If you’re faced with the reality that an early flight or early arrival isn’t possible, then an afternoon arrival may be your best bet. And what’s great about arriving in the afternoon is that the resorts are typically empty at that time of day. So you can explore and discover things without crowds and chaos. Which is always nice!


By far our favorite time to arrive at Walt Disney World, there is an ease in knowing that you don’t have to fit anything into your day. You can simply arrive at your resort, find something to eat close by, unpack, and get a great night’s sleep. So you can start your first day at Walt Disney World refreshed and ready!

Your First Day at Disney World

No matter what you choose to do on your First Day at Disney World know that there are plenty of things you can do at Walt Disney World without a Park Ticket. And absolutely no need to shove it all into the day you arrive.  By skipping the Disney park ticket on arrival and departure days you save money. And give yourself what you need on a vacation. Free time!

What should you do the day you arrive at Walt Disney World? Here's our best list of 6 things to do. #polkadotpixies

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