Best Hollywood Studios Restaurants List, Reviews and What to Skip

Best Hollywood Studios Restaurants List, Reviews and What to Skip

Looking for the best food in Hollywood Studios? Finally getting a much-needed refresh, Hollywood Studios has long since been slow on the uptake of amazing restaurants. While tried and true, and somewhat dated we are grateful for a few new eateries that are bringing their A-game to the fold of Disney dining. If you’re looking for food options that won’t disappoint, these are our favorite places to eat at Hollywood Studios, so far. And a few places you can skip to save your time and money. 

Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios things to do guide to Toy Story Land Get ready to play big in Andy's Backyard #toystoryland #toystory #playbig

Let us just say that we’ve never put much effort into the Hollywood Studios food game. Mainly because with both the Boardwalk and Epcot within walking distance, why would we settle for subpar food? Of course the Best Hollywood Studios Snacks are easy to find inside the park. And of course there are some Great Quick Service Restaurants in Hollywood Studios too. That said, here are some tried and true restaurants at Hollywood Studios that we would recommend, a few that make our maybe list, and some to avoid. 

Baseline Taphouse Giant Pretzel and Beer Cheese

BaseLine Tap House | Grand Avenue

Located just across from Muppet Courtyard, the Baseline Tap House features non-alcoholic drinks, beers, ciders, wines and cocktails. But the showstoppers here are the soft pretzels with mustard and beer cheese, and the charcuterie board. Both fantastic snacks, and a great treat to add to the middle of the day, between meals. AND as a special perk, if you get a nonalcoholic beverage, it’s refillable while you’re there. 

  • Where: Grand Avenue
  • Views: Not much
  • Theme: Classic 1920’s
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Drinks and Snacks, more specifically a charcuterie board and pretzel. 
  • Quick Service
  • Style: Snacks 
  • Cost: $5- $15 per person

We Recommend it Because:

Baseline Tap House manages to combine some gorgeous vintage bar theming with a classic bar menu. Special drinks and flavored gourmet sodas give us an excuse to stop for something classic in the midst of all the theme park hoopla. Keep an eye out for the vintage Disneyland posters hanging up inside the bar. Seating inside and out. Baseline Tap House Menu

Toy Story Land Woody's Lunch Box at Walt disney World Hollywood Studios Restaurant Review #woodyslunchbox #disneydining #toystoryland

Woody’s Lunch Box | Toy Story Land

By far one of our favorite quick service restaurants at Hollywood Studios, Woody’s Lunch Box offers walk up counter service and mobile order. You can grab breakfast, lunch and dinner here. It’s classic lunch box food at it’s best. For breakfast, egg and sausage bowls are on the menu. And for lunch and dinner, sandwiches include classic grilled cheese, smoked turkey and brisket. We most like the tomato soup and grilled cheese here. 

  • Where: Toy Story Land
  • Views: Andy’s Backyard
  • Theme: Nostalgic Childhood
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Classics like PB and J, Tomato soup and grilled cheese and lunchbox sandwiches can be found here.
  • Quick Service
  • Cost: $5- $15 per person

We Recommend it Because:

In addition to the great foods, the Woody’s Lunch Box Pop-Tarts are amazing. Completely outdoors, this quick-service counter offers some of the best food in the park. The dishes are familiar yet kicked up a notch to make them special. Homemade pop tarts come in raspberry, and seasonal flavors. So delicious. Woody’s Lunch Box Menu

Ronto Wraps at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Ronto Roasters | Galaxy’s Edge

Located in the rotunda of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Ronto Roasters is a futuristic restaurant with seating nearby. Home to the Tatooine Sunset drink, which is like a lemon tea, and a variety of wraps, you can find great food here, at a budget price. And it’s perfect for a grab and go meal during busy days in the park. 

  • Where: Galaxy’s Edge
  • Views: Batuu
  • Theme: Star Wars
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Pita wraps and drinks
  • Quick Service
  • Cost: $5- $15 per person

We Recommend it Because:

This Galaxy’s Edge Quick Service Restaurant serves up soft pita wraps stuffed with fillings. For breakfast, there are eggs and sausage, and even zucchini-filled wraps. For lunch and dinner, there are sausage and cole slaw-filled options and more plant-based options. As a quick-service restaurant, Ronto Roasters does a great job of combining great flavors, in a street food style. And they also offer mobile orders! Ronto Roasters Menu

Shepherds Pie at Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge Vegan

Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge | Hollywood Boulevard

The Hollywood Brown Derby is world renowned, and at Hollywood Studios, there is a lounge. With views of the Chinese Theater, the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge offers select small plates, desserts and drinks from the bar. As one of the best places to eat at Hollywood Studios, we recommend reservations for both the lounge and restaurant. Much like Nomad Lounge in Animal Kingdom, you can stop here for a drink and some people watching as well as appetizers and things to share. 

  • Where: Hollywood Boulevard
  • Views: The Midway
  • Theme: Old Hollywood
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: American
  • Table Service: Reservations Recommendations
  • Cost: $15-$35

We Recommend it Because:

As home to the Hollywood Studios Club 33, you know the food from these kitchens is gonna be good. With classics like BLT sliders, shepherds pie and mac and cheese you’re sure to find some favorites on this menu. Plus, you can even grab full meals at the lounge too! Filet Mignon and Lamb, Halibut and Pork are all on the menu. Add the most perfect chocolate cake to your meal alongside flights of margaritas or martinis. Hollywood Derby Lounge Menu.

Lunch at ABC Commissary

ABC Commissary | Commissary Lane

As Quick Service Dining at Disney World goes, ABC Commissary isn’t half bad. Staples like chicken, salads, burgers and vegetarian options make this a decent restaurant, even amidst periodic menu changes. Home to seasonal snacks throughout the year, you may find yourself coming here anyway for the latest tart, or cupcake. With seating inside and out, and Mobile Order you can generally plan on a decent meal at a good price with a place to sit. 

  • Where: Commissary Lane
  • Views: None
  • Theme: ABC shows
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: American, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Quick Service  
  • Cost: $5- $15 per person

We Recommend it Because:

The portions here are large enough to share and it’s budget-friendly. Serving Lunch and Dinner, the Mediterranean Salad with hummus and flatbread is good dish for vegetarians, even though it can feed two. A fan favorite is the buffalo chicken grilled cheese sandwich, and the chicken club. ABC Commissary Menu. 

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo | Galaxy’s Edge

A surprisingly good restaurant with fresh foods is Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo. You don’t need reservations here, as you can just walk up to the counter and order. But, we always recommend Mobile Order for this one, as it gets a bit busy at meal times. You can find seating both inside and outside this cargo bay themed restaurant. We highly recommend the Moof Juice and Yuca fries here. 

  • Where: Galaxy’s Edge
  • Views: Batuu
  • Theme: Star Wars
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Batuu, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Quick Service
  • Cost: $5- $15 per person

We Recommend it Because:

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo serves off-planet food that is sure to hit the spot. Mac and cheese, chicken fingers and broccoli, and falafel and pitas are a decent mix for anyone looking for food at Hollywood Studios to appease both kids and adults. Check out the Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo Menu for everything to try on your next trip. 

Prime Time Cafe- Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios Restaurants to Skip

While these restaurants have made our “Skip It” List, in truth they’re all just fine… just not the best. As food goes, they offer a variety of options for things to eat at Walt Disney World. While we don’t love them, we don’t hate them either. They’ll do if we’re in a pinch, but with so many better places to eat, we’d probably head somewhere else when given the chance.  Sometimes we try a restaurant at Walt Disney World that we’re just not impressed with. At all. As such, without plans to go back, unless we need to, they end up here. As such, we’re always willing to give these restaurants another try. 

50’s Prime Time Cafe

The Peanut Butter and Jelly and Milkshake here is a Must-Try. But that is really the only reason we’d eat at 50’s Prime Time Cafe again. And we have our fingers crossed that we can just order the milkshake at Tune-In Lounge instead. This immersive dining experience is great for families and offers comfort foods just like you would get at mom’s house. The menu is filled with family foods from the 1950s; meatloaf, burgers, and milkshakes. We liked this experience but it is true immersive dining, so plan to chat up your waiters, and complain about work, just like you would do at home. 50’s Prime Time Cafe Menu.

Sci-Fi Dine-In

Truly, a drive in movie with old time cars is such a cool restaurant concept. Theme-wise, we love it. We don’t love that it’s a split, front and back seat table( like a car), or that it’s really dark, and you can hardly see the cars, or your food. Or that the old horror movie trailers onscreen are a bit off putting. Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant has great milkshakes and your classic American burger and fries meal. Out of all the other table service options at Hollywood Studios, this is the one we actually enjoy enough to make reservations for. That said, it’s still dark, not walk-up friendly, and the same movie has played at the “drive-in” for the last 3 years. And they’re not really that great, interesting, or kid-friendly mini movies. Dare we say? We shared the complete list of movies at a sci-fi dine-in restaurant in our review post, linked above if you want a glimpse. Sci Fi Dine In Restaurant Menu.

Backlot Express

Home to Star Wars themed food, you can grab burgers, salads, and fries here. As well as a teriyaki bowl, with tofu or chicken. That said, this restaurant gives you food that you would see at your local fast-food joint. It’s not an impressive menu or an impressive theme, somewhat between Indiana Jones and Star Wars. The novelty Wookie Cookie and Souvenir Sippers can definitely draw you in. And if you’re looking for a quick lunch, this restaurant will probably do just fine. and while we don’t love the food here, if there’s a seasonal treat on the menu, we’ll sometimes stop in. Backlot Express Menu. 

Mama’s Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano

Home fast food, Italian style, this table service restaurant is like an old Italian pizzeria, complete with red and white striped curtains, set up cafeteria style. Pizza, Meatballs, Pasta, and even Tiramisu are on the menu here. But it’s not as good, or as elegant as Tony’s Town Square over in Magic Kingdom. And you can tell the food is produced in mass quantities. Not great, when it comes to pasta dishes, to be sure. If you love Italian, give it a try, but keep your expectations in check. Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano Menu.

Roundup Rodeo BBQ Hollywood Studios

Roundup Rodeo BBQ 

While this new restaurant at Hollywood Studios is perfect for Toy Story fans, the lack of characters, makes it a lackluster experience, in what should otherwise a rootin, tootin good time. Luckily, the all you care to enjoy family style meal can help make up for that if you have big eaters. Serving meats, mashed potatoes, beans, cornbread and everything else you would expect to find for cowboys and cowgirls, the Roundup Rodeo BBQ isn’t unique with this meal. You can find similar menus at Trails End in Fort Wilderness and at Disney’s Whispering Canyon Cafe. Roundup Rodeo BBQ does offer fun decor, and lots of hidden nods to the films, and Andy’s playset if you’re looking. So while this isn’t a meal we love, and could get cheaper elsewhere, it may be what you’re looking for in terms of family dining at Hollywood Studios. Woody’s Roundup Rodeo BBQ Menu.

Hollywood and Vine

This resident Disney Character Dining restaurant at Hollywood Studios falls in line with Crystal Palace, Akershus, and Tusker House. We’ll stand by our usual shtick when it comes to these restaurants. You are there for the characters and the convenience of getting them all in one place. You are not necessarily paying for exquisite dining. Hollywood and Vine offer your basic buffet dining experience with a variety of O.K food if you need to eat. The Seasonal Dining experiences here are the most fun if you have extra time and dining credits on your vacation. Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald and Goofy grace lunch and dinner, while Disney Junior characters lead the cast for the breakfast hour. Hollywood and Vine Menu. 

Dockside Diner

This restaurant can be found in the boat aside the Echo Lake. Featuring a variety of quick, counter service foods, this is true theme park food on the go. Because when you’re in the parks, you look for food anywhere! Consider this your hot dog/ pulled pork. kinda greasy unhealthy food option. Not really worth the stop and we’d recommend any restaurant above first. Dockside Diner Menu

Fairfax Fare

Home to the Waffle Bowl meals in Hollywood Studios, you can grab brisket, chicken, pork, mac and cheese and soba noodle options here. A quick street food to try, the waffle bowls are novel and easy to transport. They do however, pile on the food with loads of mashed potatoes at the base, and cost about $15 each. As such, if you’re feeding kids, this is a dish to split. A little too expensive for what it is, you have to be in the mood to eat this many carbs on a hot day in Florida, so it stays on our skip it list. Fairfax Fare Menu.

Rosie’s All-American Cafe

Another hot dog and burger joint, this quick-service offers food typical of the Standard American Diet ( SAD). Burgers, Fries and a Salad are on the menu here but it still equates to the basic theme park food quality we see, and would rather skip. While you don’t need to eat “healthy” while vacationing at Disney, we never feel great with a meal like this on a 90-degree day. Rosie’s All American Cafe Menu. 


Personal pan pizzas in a variety of options is never a bad thing. and if you’re up for something quickly made, that may be a little greasy, then Pizzerizzo may be okay. These little pizzas aren’t bad, but they’re never as good as the Flatbreads you can grab at other restaurants across the parks and resorts. And in truth, if we’re craving pizza at Hollywood Studios, we’d just as easily walk over to the Yacht Club and grab a flatbread from Ale and Compass. So. Much. Better. Check out the Pizzerizzo Menu.

 Best Food in Hollywood Studios

So there it is! We’re hoping as Hollywood Studios settles into its new personality the restaurants will begin to amaze! Fingers crossed. Until then, we’ll be visiting our tried and true favorites, and heading to the Disney Boardwalk when we need something noteworthy.

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