Best Hollywood Studios Restaurants and What to Skip

Best Hollywood Studios Restaurants and What to Skip

Finally getting a much-needed refresh, Hollywood Studios has long since been slow on the uptake of amazing restaurants. While tried and true, and somewhat dated we are grateful for a few new eateries that are bringing their A-game to the fold of Disney dining. If you’re looking for food options that won’t disappoint, these are our favorite places to eat at Hollywood Studios, so far. 

Best Hollywood Studios Restaurants

Let us just say that we’ve never put much effort into the Hollywood Studios food game. Mainly because with both the Boardwalk and Epcot within walking distance, why would we settle for subpar food? That said, here are some tried and true restaurants at Hollywood Studios that we would recommend, a few that make our maybe list, and some to avoid. We’ve also got a working To-Try list… so if you have a favorite restaurant at Hollywood Studios let us know!

Baseline Taphouse Giant Pretzel and Beer Cheese

BaseLine Tap House

  • Where: Grand Avenue
  • Views: Not much
  • Theme: Classic 1920’s
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Drinks and Snacks, more specifically a charcuterie board and pretzel. 

We Recommend it Because:

In terms of “Good”, Baseline Tap House manages to combine some gorgeous vintage bar theming with a classic bar menu. Special drinks and flavored gourmet sodas give us an excuse to stop for something classic in the midst of all the theme park hoopla. Keep an eye out for the vintage Disneyland posters hanging up inside the bar. Seating inside and out. Baseline Tap House Menu

Toy Story Land Woody's Lunch Box at Walt disney World Hollywood Studios Restaurant Review #woodyslunchbox #disneydining #toystoryland

Toy Story Land Woody's Lunch Box at Walt disney World Hollywood Studios Restaurant Review #woodyslunchbox #disneydining #toystoryland

Woody’s Lunch Box

  • Where: Toy Story Land
  • Views: Andy’s Backyard
  • Theme: Nostalgic Childhood
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Classics like PB and J, Tomato soup and grilled cheese and lunchbox sandwiches can be found here.

We Recommend it Because:

Completely outdoors, this quick-service counter offers some of the best food in the park. The dishes are familiar yet kicked up a notch to make them special. Homemade pop tarts for breakfast and classic turkey sandwiches may be just what you need on a busy Disney day. Woody’s Lunch Box Menu

Ronto Wraps at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Ronto Roasters

  • Where: Galaxy’s Edge
  • Views: Batuu
  • Theme: Star Wars
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Pita wraps and drinks

We Recommend it Because:

This Galaxy’s Edge Quick Service Restaurant serves up soft pita wraps stuffed with fillings. For breakfast, there are eggs and sausage, and even zucchini-filled wraps. For lunch and dinner, there are sausage and cole slaw-filled options and more plant-based options. As a quick-service restaurant, Ronto Roasters does a great job of combining great flavors, in a street food style. And they also offer mobile orders! Ronto Roasters Menu

Prime Time Cafe- Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios Restaurants that ALMOST MADE THE LIST

50’s Prime Time Cafe

This immersive dining experience is great for families and offers comfort foods just like you would get at moms. The menu is filled with family foods from the 1950s; meatloaf, burgers, and milkshakes. We liked this experience but it is true immersive dining, so plan to chat up your waiters, and complain about work, just like you would do at home. 

Sci-Fi Dine-In

Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant has great milkshakes and your classic American burger and fries meal. Out of all the other table service options at Hollywood Studios, this is the one we actually enjoy enough to make reservations for. That said, it’s still kinda dark, not walk-up friendly, and the same movie has played at the “drive-in” for the last 3 years. 

ABC Commissary

Another restaurant that offers up decent food is ABC Commissary. While the menu used to be better, it’s leveled off recently as somewhat mediocre with offerings of your basic cafeteria fare with basic grilled chicken salads plus burgers and fries. Still, the portions are large enough to share and it’s budget-friendly. 

Backlot Express

This restaurant gives you food that you would see at your local fast-food joint. It’s not an impressive menu or an impressive theme, somewhat between Indiana Jones and Star Wars. The novelty Darth Vader cupcakes and BB8 cups can definitely draw you in. And if you’re looking for a quick lunch, this restaurant will probably do just fine.

Hollywood Studios Restaurants On Our List TO TRY

Hollywood Studios Restaurants YOU CAN SKIP

Hollywood and Vine

The resident “Character Dining” restaurant at Hollywood Studios falls in line with Crystal Palace, Akershus, and Tusker House. We’ll stand by our usual shtick when it comes to these restaurants. You are there for the characters and the convenience of getting them all in one place. You are not necessarily paying for exquisite dining. Hollywood and Vine offer your basic buffet dining experience with a variety of O.K food if you need to eat. The Seasonal Dining experiences here are the most fun if you have extra time and dining credits on your vacation. 

Dockside Diner

When you’re in the parks, you look for food anywhere! Consider this your hot dog/ pulled pork. kinda greasy unhealthy food option. Not really worth the stop and we’d recommend any restaurant above first.

Fairfax Fare

The resident “Mexican food” place was found at Hollywood Studios, this was another quick service place that bent a little towards the taco bell level of food. If craving fast food Mexican- head to Epcot and try La Cantina de San Angel for better fare. Or better yet, Morimoto Asia Street Food in Disney Springs. 

Rosie’s All-American Cafe

Another hot dog and burger joint, this quick-service offers food typical of the Standard American Diet ( SAD). While you don’t need to eat “healthy” while vacationing at Disney, we never feel great with a meal like this on a 90-degree day. 

Best Restaurants in Hollywood Studios

So there it is! We’re hoping as Hollywood Studios settles into its new personality the restaurants will begin to amaze! Fingers crossed. Until then, we’ll be visiting our tried and true favorites, and heading to the Boardwalk when we need something noteworthy.

The Best Restaurants in Hollywood Studios. and the ones you can skip! #hollywoodostudios #disneydining #disneytips #polkadotpixies


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