Coffee at Walt Disney World and Where to Find It

Coffee at Walt Disney World and Where to Find It

Finding good coffee at Walt Disney World can sometimes be a challenge! While we love the Disney Parks Starbucks, we don’t always love the lines. And sometimes you’re just in the mood for something different. Here’s a look at the Coffee at Walt Disney World and Where to Find it.  

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Where to find Coffee at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom has a bunch of coffees to try! Of course, we are avid Starbucks junkies and by default always look for Starbucks at Walt Disney World. But lines at Starbucks on Main Street, USA can be so long! So it’s a good practice for us, to find other places we can hunt down coffees in and around Magic Kingdom

▢ Westward Ho Food Cart | Frontierland

Westward Ho offers breakfast sandwiches, small snacks and Joffrey’s Brewed coffee and Cold Brew. And you can choose from Caramel, Vanilla and Hazelnut syrups. 

▢ Main Street Bakery A.K.A. Starbucks | Main Street U.S.A

Your basic Starbucks, this place also has specialty and seasonal treats worth a look at when you need to stop by coffee. This place also showcases New Snacks at Walt Disney World, so is worth the stop.  The line gets long, so be prepared for a wait during busier times. We love stopping here during parades or Mickey’s Friendship Faire, as we’ve noticed those times of day tend to be a little kess crowded. 

Gaston’s Tavern | Fantasyland

Gaston’s Tavern is well known for its famous cinnamon roll. And why not? It’s huge! And delicious of course.  And in addition to the famous cinnamon roll from Gaston’s Tavern, you can find freshly brewed Joffrey’s Coffee as well as Joffrey’s French Roast cold brew. Perfect for a morning of strolling around Fantasyland. 

▢ Sleepy Hollow | Liberty Square

Sleepy Hollow not only has some of the best dining views at Magic Kingdom, with its patio overlooking Cinderella Castle, but they also serve coffee! Enjoy Mickey Waffles or a Waffle sandwich, and pair it with brewed Joffrey’s Coffee or a French Roast Cold Brew. 

▢ Revive | Tomorrowland

Home to Joffrey’s Coffee in Magic Kingdom, Revive has all your basic Joffrey’s Coffees plus large donuts. Located in the back of Tomorrowland, this is a great spot to escape the busy crowds for a coffee break at Magic Kingdom. In addition to Joffrey’s standard coffee, you’ll also find lattes and seasonal coffees here as well. 

▢ Cheshire Cafe | Fantasyland

Cheshire Cafe is a great place to stop for a small snack when at Magic Kingdom! But they also serve coffee. Joffrey’s Cold Brew and Freshly Brewed Coffee are available here. And if you’re looking to sweeten your coffee up a little bit, you can add vanilla or caramel syrup.

Coffee at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Joffreys

Epcot Coffee at Walt Disney World

Viking Coffee at Norway EPCOT Park

Where to find Coffee at Epcot

EPCOT is home to many fun coffee concoctions, so there’s no shortage of places to get your caffeine fix. Plus with 5 Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea locations, Joffrey’s can have their fix no matter where they are in the Park!

▢ Gelateria Toscano | Italy 

The main coffee draw here is the Affogato Espresso Gelato. A little cup of espresso, gelato, and cookie straw combine bitter and sweet perfectly for an early morning pick me up or an end-of-the-night boost. 

▢ Starbucks | Connections Cafe

The new Connections Cafe is home to Starbucks at EPCOT. While this is your basic Starbucks at Walt Disney World, the service here is great and they have seasonal drinks as well as tried and true favorites. 

▢ Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie | France

Here you can find traditional French Cappuccino, Espresso, and Cafe. We also love the tea selection, Prince of Wales tea in particular. All are perfect pairings for the delectable pastries you’ll find in their pastry case. 

▢ Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe | Norway

Viking Coffee flavored with Kamora Coffee Liqueur and Baileys Irish Cream. You can get this hot or iced. ( Iced is Better! ) And you can stop here for many of the Best Walt Disney World Snacks.

Joffrey’s Coffee at EPCOT

In addition to all of the specialty coffees you can find at Epcot, Joffrey’s also has multiple location at this Park. All of their locations are official Joffrey’s Coffee stands, so they serve their full menu along with their famous huge donuts.  These Joffrey’s stations usually have fun themed coffee beverages during Epcot festivals as well as seasonal flavors. 

  • Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Main Gate: This Joffrey’s location is actually located before the main entrance of EPCOT. Perfect for guests who want to get their caffeine fix while waiting to get into the EPCOT or leaving the Park to get on the monorail.
  • Joffrey’s Coffee World Discovery: Located near Test Track and Mission: SPACE, this kiosk is tucked away and rarely busy. 
  • Joffrey’s World Showcase Promenade: As guests enter the World Showcase, this Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea location is the perfect pitstop to grab something refreshing for your stroll around the world. 
  • Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea between UK and Canada: If you’re in the world showcase, this kiosk is located right between UK and Canada. And if you get lucky, this is also where the characterpalooza happens! So you may just see some rare and exciting characters while grabbing your next cup of coffee. 
  • Joffrey’s Coffee American Adventure: The American Adventure is a great midway point to relax while listening to Voices of Liberty, and while you’re at it, you can get some Joffrey’s coffee as well. 


Galaxy's Edge Black Caf Cold Brew

Coffee at Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios has plenty of places to find coffee! At Hollywood Studios, you’ll find hot coffee at almost every quick service restaurant, including ABC Commissary, Backlot Express and PizzeRizzo. But if you’re looking for something a little more special, read on for more locations below. 

▢ The Trolley Car Cafe | Hollywood Boulevard

Starbucks at Hollywood Studios is not only great for coffee, but also for snacks! Home to the Butterfinger Cupcake and New snacks at Walt Disney World, the Trolley Car Cafe is typically what we rope drop at Hollywood Studios before starting our day. Lines throughout the day get busy here, but it remains one of the most consistent places to grab a bite. 

▢ Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea | Tower of Terror Cart

This perfect little spot is often missed by most guests, so the lines are usually quite short. You actually have to walk towards the Tower of Terror Entrance to find it.  And even better, there’s a small shaded area behind it with small benches, perfect for enjoying your Joffrey’s Coffee and people watching.  

▢ Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea |Near Walt Disney Presents

You’ll find this Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea kiosk near Walt Disney Presents, on the way to Toy Story Land. Offering a full selection of coffees, lattes and teas as well as their signature donut. 

▢ Kat Saka’s Kettle | Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

What began as a Disneyland phenomenon, the Cold Brew Black Caf in Galaxy’s Edge is now available at Walt Disney World. Known as Space Coffee to Disney fans, this cocoa puff covered cold brew can be ordered with or without alcohol. Find this little stand next to Ronto Roasters. 

▢ Woody’s Lunch Box | Toy Story Land

Woody’s Lunch Box is not always the easiest place to grab a quick coffee. Lines are usually long, even for mobile order and there’s rarely anywhere to actually sit. But if you happen to be getting food here anyway, they offer Joffrey’s freshly brewed regular and decaf coffees. 

▢ The Hollywood Brown Derby| Sunset Boulevard

The Hollywood Brown Derby not only offers coffee cocktails, but they also offer the Peru Alto Maya French Press Pot. And best of all, you don’t even need to snag a dinner reservation to enjoy any of these lovely coffee concoctions. The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge also offers all of these coffee drinks plus a beautiful view outside. 

Joffreys Coffee Crawl Festival of Arts

Mustang Coffee at Nomad Lounge Disney Anial Kingdom

Where to find Coffee at Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is home to some spectacular flavors when it comes to food. And the coffee options follow suit. Here are all the places we love in Animal Kingdom for a coffee. 

▢ Creature Comforts | Discovery Island

Creature Comforts is the resident Starbucks and offers up coffees, sandwiches, and snacks! Located on the walkway towards Africa. 

▢ Royal Anandapur Tea Cart | Asia

This Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea location is our go to for iced Chai at Animal Kingdom. But you can also find all of your favorite Joffrey’s coffee and lattes here as well. Stop by for a quick snack and walk behind it for some hidden seating.

▢ Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea | Animal Kingdom Part Entrance

Located at the front of the Animal Kingdom Park entrance, this is the perfect location to stop for a coffee before or after your Park day. 

▢ Isle of Java | Dinoland Bridge

Serving up coffee, lattes, cappuccinos and espresso, you can also grab a delicious pastry on the go at Isle of Java. And later in the day, you can also enjoy a few adult coffee beverages, like Irish Coffee or the Island Cappuccino with rum. 

▢ Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery | Africa

Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery not only offers a nice selection of hot breakfast foods, but they also have a good bakery selection as well. And coffee, of course. Choose from freshly brewed Joffrey’s Coffee or several of their alcoholic specialties. 

▢ Nomad Lounge | Bridge to Pandora

Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom is one of our favorite places to stop while at the Park. And they have some delicious espresso too! Serving up single origin, shade-grown Sumatra, this is a lovely coffee experience.  Get it as a single shot,or order it in a latte or cappuccino.

Where to find Coffee on The Disney Boardwalk

▢ Trattoria Al Forno Iced Coffee | The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk area of Walt Disney World is hands down one of our favorite areas in Walt Disney World. Head to Trattoria Al Forno, where you can choose to eat breakfast at the Bon Voyage Breakfast, complete with characters(reservations recommended) or ask to be seated for the non-character breakfast. Either way, you’ll want to order the Iced Coffee, which is a special blend from Joffrey’s created just for the restaurant. It’s creamy and delicious and trust us, you’ll want to order one to go. 

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▢ Fuel | Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel on The Boardwalk

Another location right in the Boardwalk area, the Walt Disney World Dolphin is a great place to explore. And inside you can find a small quick-serve café called Fuel that offers soft serve, food, and delicious coffees. With lots of fun varieties, you can choose from hot or iced coffees, espresso, and lattes. 

▢ Java | Walt Disney World Swan Hotel on The Boardwalk

Though the coffee is a bit expensive here, Java is a newer, full-service coffee shop. With pastries, breakfast sandwiches and other grab and go items, this is an easy stop on your way to the Parks. You can find Java in the lobby of the Walt Disney World Swan hotel

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Carousel Coffee at Disney's Boardwalk Inn

Coffee at Walt Disney World Resorts

▢ Carousel Coffee | Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Resort

If you’re looking for a coffee shop atmosphere, complete with seating, then be sure to stop by Carousel Coffee at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Resort. This little coffee shop comes complete with Joffrey’s coffee and tea selections, a pastry case, and grab-and-go sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Specialty coffees are available, with alternative milk options, making this a great little place to stop for a morning coffee without trekking into the parks. 

▢ Kona Café | The Polynesian Resort and Villas

You can hop on the Monorail to Disney’s Polynesian Resort for a Kona Press Pot. If you needed a reason to visit the Polynesian Resort, because, well, it’s one of the best resorts on property, plan to eat at Kona Café. Not only is their food delicious, but they have arguably some of the best coffee you can find at Walt Disney World. Order the Kona Press Pot, which is enough for 2 to share. It’s rich and bold and is the perfect way to start your morning. If you’re not able to snag a reservation here, visit the Kona Island counter right next door. You can choose from hot or iced coffees and lattes and they’re all amazing. 

▢ Le Petit Cafe | Disney’s Riviera Resort

Disney’s Riviera Resort brought along with it a fabulous little coffee shop, Le Petit Cafe. With some of the best pastries you’ll find at Walt Disney World, as well as a variety of coffees, this is the perfect midday break for anyone staying on the Disney Skyliner route

▢ Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea | The Contemporary Resort

One of the best benefits about staying at Disney’s Contemporary Resort is that there is a Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea counter in the lobby! They offer a full menu here, along with their famous huge donuts. So whether you’re a resort guest, or just stopping by for a day visit, you can easily get your coffee fix here. 

▢ Roaring Fork Cafe | Wilderness Lodge

We love the ambiance of Wilderness Lodge. It’s cozy and warm and very wilderness-y. The best part is that they have coffee to match the theme! Head down to their quick serve location, Roaring Fork, and order the S’mores Latte. It tastes just like actual s’mores roasted over a campfire and is topped with marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, and chocolate syrup. You’ll feel just like you’re actually camping, without actually having to. 

▢ Barcelona Lounge | Coronado Springs

In the new Gran Destino Tower, Barcelona Lounge has a variety of great coffees to try while lounging the day away. We like the Spanish coffee, Bon Bon, but they also have a variety of other specialty coffees as well. Though it can be inconvenient to get to, if you’re already here, we highly recommend the stop. 

▢ Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea | Caribbean Beach Resort Skyliner Hub

Whether you’re staying at Caribbean Beach Resort, or just riding the Skyliner to your next Park, there’s a Joffrey’s kiosk you need to know about. Located at the Caribbean Beach Skyliner hub, this Joffrey’s location actually offers a special coffee you can only find here: The Toffee Flight. This is sweet and rich and perfect for a morning at the resort, or on your way to the Parks. 

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Gideon's Bakehouse Disney Springs

Where to find Coffee at Disney Springs Orlando

Disney Springs has some of the best coffee at Walt Disney World. With multiple Starbucks and Joffrey’s locations, there is no shortage of coffee to be found here!

▢ Gideon’s Bakehouse | The Landing

Gideon’s Bakehouse has become a true coffee sensation. Known for their huge cookies and delicious cakes, their unique and fin flavors of cold brew draw guests in droves. Stop by for a Peanut Butter Cold Brew or try one of their seasonal flavors. 

▢ Starbucks  | West Side

One of two Starbucks locations, this is our preferred store at Disney Springs. It has a large inside, perfect for escaping the heat. And we love that they offer mobile order. They also have a good selection of Starbucks merchandise if you are collector of that kind of thing!

▢ Starbucks | The Marketplace

Located right next to World of Disney, this Starbucks is an outside kiosk type of counter.  Starbucks Mobile order is available here and highly recommended as the line can get quite long. 

▢ Everglazed  | West Side in Disney Springs

For those who love donuts with their coffee, Everglazed should be on your list next time you’re visiting Disney Springs. Located on the West Side, you can find a delicious selection of donuts and coffee. The perfect pairing. 

▢ Joffrey’s Tea and Coffee  | The Landing in Disney Springs

Joffrey’s Tea and Coffee is a staple at Walt Disney World but we love this location specifically because you can get character art on your latte here. You can choose from the art they already have available or create your own!

Looking for the best coffee at Walt Disney World? We’ve rounded up our favorite coffee at Walt Disney World here!

Coffee at Walt Disney World can be found everywhere! Here's a quick list of all the places to get your basic and not-so-basic coffees in the parks and resorts. #polkadotpixies #disneycoffee #disneytips #coffeeatdisney

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