Christmas at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground and Resort

Christmas at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground and Resort

We’ve proclaimed our love for Fort Wilderness many times. It’s such a unique destination at Walt Disney World and one that we highly recommend experiencing if you get the chance. And what’s even better than Fort Wilderness? Fort Wilderness at Christmas! Read on to find out why we love this destination for the holiday season at Walt Disney World.

Fort Wilderness at Christmas

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground at Christmas 

So what’s the hype about Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground at Christmastime? Well, for starters, it’s really a unique way to spend the holidays at the merriest place on Earth. And it’s one of our favorite things to do at Walt Disney World without a Park Ticket. Fort Wilderness really is a destination all its own, and the same can be said about it at Christmastime. Fort Wilderness always has so much to see and do, and Christmastime is no different. And what’s even better is that it’s so easy to travel to Wilderness Lodge from Fort Wilderness that you can easily experience the beauty of both! 

We love that this offers a more relaxed way to vacation than a traditional trip to Walt Disney World at Christmas

What activities are available at Fort Wilderness at Christmas?

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground has lots of fun activities during Christmastime. They offer holiday activities you can’t find anywhere else on the property. And it’s a great way to get away from the holiday crowds at Walt Disney World

Holiday Sleigh Rides at Fort Wilderness 

Holiday “sleigh” rides are available at Fort Wilderness starting December 1 and last until December 30.  These are basically a horse-drawn carriage ride that takes you throughout the Campground while you sit back and relax.   Sleigh rides are $75 + tax for a 25-minute ride. Reservations can be made by calling (407)WDW-PLAY.  You can find out more information about Holiday Sleigh Rides here! 

disney resort christmas


Fort Wilderness at Christmas

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground holiday decorations

Sure the Grand Floridian has some of the grandest holiday decorations, but if that’s a little too fancy for you, that’s ok! Fort Wilderness has super fun, rustic decor, perfect for the setting of this resort.  From Wagon Wheels on the Christmas tree to pinecones to wooden ornaments, the decor matches this resort perfectly and we love seeing all of the little details.  We love the gingham bows that can be found all over the property. It brings a little bit of country charm! 

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

Renting an RV for Fort wilderness at Disney

Staying at Fort Wilderness at Christmas 

We think the best way to experience Fort Wilderness during the holiday season is by staying there! You’ll have access to everything at your fingertips. The atmosphere truly is a warm, welcoming, and festive feeling of home away from home.  We have stayed here several times, and love it more each time! You can choose to stay in the Cabins at Fort Wilderness, bring or rent an RV or bring a tent for a more traditional campground experience. 

The Cabins at Fort Wilderness are our favorite place to stay here, but they can be pricey and also can be difficult to get at this time. We highly recommend reserving yours early if possible because they tend to sell out pretty quickly.  And if you do decide to stay there, you can get in on the holiday fun by decorating your own campsite, which is one of our favorite things about Fort Wilderness at Christmas! 

Fort Wilderness at Christmas

Campsites get decorated at Fort Wilderness for Christmas

One of the best parts about visiting Fort Wilderness for Christmas is the magic all of the other campers bring! Other guests at the campground set up the most magical decorations. Many campers even go all out and decorate their golf carts and we always love seeing what they come up with.  The guests of Fort Wilderness are really what make it so special and festive!

Rent a Golf Cart at Fort Wilderness Campground

We love grabbing some hot chocolate, bundling up, and driving around at night to see all of the beautiful displays. Disney has recently gotten a lot more strict about renting golf carts at Fort Wilderness and now requires you to have a reservation before they will let you reserve a golf cart from them. If you do rent a golf cart from Fort Wilderness, we recommend calling as early as possible to make sure you can get one! They tend to go pretty quickly, especially during the holiday season. Golf carts can be reserved 365 days in advance, so we recommend reserving one as soon as you have a reservation. You can always cancel if plans change! Golf carts currently cost around $63 + tax (subject to change) and can be reserved by calling (407)824-2742.  

But you can also take a bus over to the campground and walk around to see the lights! There are many internal buses that will take you around the campground, and you can explore on foot if you’re not able to get a golf cart reservation. 

Disney Christmas Wilderness Lodge

Things to do at Disney World for Christmas

Visiting Wilderness Lodge from Fort Wilderness 

Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World is considered by many as one of the top resorts at Christmastime. The cozy lodge feeling, the homey decorations, and the warm atmosphere all lend to an idyllic holiday setting. We highly recommend visiting if you’re able just to soak it all up! And if you’re staying at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, getting to Wilderness Lodge is a breeze. Currently, the boat is not running between the two resorts. But there is a shuttle bus route that includes only Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness.  It’s about a 5-10 minute bus ride, is hardly ever full and the wait is usually quite short. 

We love that Wilderness Lodge is so easy to get to from Fort Wilderness as it makes for the perfect excuse to grab holiday goodies, enjoy the decorations, and check out the holiday merch. 

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground consistently make our list of top resorts to visit during the holiday season at Walt Disney World. With so many unique offerings, we think it’s well worth the extra effort. And whether you stay at Fort Wilderness or just visit it, you’re in for a treat! Have you stayed at Fort Wilderness during the holiday season before? Let us know what you think!

Disney's Fort Wilderness for the Holidays

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