What are the Best Disney Resorts to Visit for Christmas?

What are the Best Disney Resorts to Visit for Christmas?

Ready to take a break from the Parks and see what the resorts at Christmas look like at Walt Disney World?! We’ve rounded up our Best Disney Resorts to Visit for Christmas to help you take a break and get away from the crowds. 

Walt Disney World is simply magical at Christmastime. The decorations, the smells, the entertainment, the treats, where to begin?! We are big fans of taking a break from the Parks during what’s considered to be the busiest time of year and heading over to the resorts. Each resort is all decked out for Christmas in its own theme, so it can be difficult to know where to start! That’s why we have created this décor crawl to include our top 5 favorite resorts at Walt Disney World during the holidays. 

Gingerbread Displays Walt Disney World

The Grand Floridian at Christmas

While the rest of these are in no particular order, The Grand Floridian is at the very top of our resort list for Christmas at Walt Disney World. Featuring a life-size gingerbread house, that just fills the entire resort lobby with the most wonderful holiday smells, this gingerbread house is a masterpiece in itself. They actually start creating this beauty in June! A sight to behold, this is one resort not to miss during Christmas; and even better, it’s an easy ride on the monorail from Magic Kingdom, so if you’re tight on time, this is an easy one to fit into your schedule.  Not only is there a grand gingerbread house, but also a little gingerbread shop where you can buy some of your favorite gingerbread treats, including a roof shingle! Add in a several-story Christmas tree, and beautiful poinsettias throughout the lobby and let the Grand Floridian get you into the holiday spirit. 

Holiday Gingerbread display at The Beach Club

The Yacht & Beach Club at Christmas

An easy walk over from Epcot, The Beach Club boasts the most elaborate Gingerbread Carousel. This life-size, rotating carousel is beautifully decorated and even has quite a few hidden mickeys to be found. Add in a fun, beach-themed Christmas tree and plenty of decorations through the lobby and this is one display you won’t want to miss. 

The Beach Club’s sister resort, the Yacht Club has its own kind of magic. Not only does it have a grand Christmas tree in its own lobby, but also an adorable little village display, complete with a running train, mountains, and shops. It’s the kind of thing you really have to see to appreciate, but if you’re already headed to the Beach Club (which you should be), it’s an easy stop that’s well worth the extra steps. 

christmas at the disney resorts

The Boardwalk Inn at Christmas

After you’ve seen The Beach and Yacht Club, be sure to stop over at The Boardwalk Inn. While their holiday displays change every year, you can count on classic, vintage décor that may seem like something out of a Norman Rockwell Christmas card. In the past, they’ve had gingerbread houses and other fun displays in the lobby as well as a beautifully adorned Christmas tree on the front lawn. 

Walt Disney World Gingerbread display

Wilderness Lodge at Christmas 

If the Grand Floridian feels just a little too fancy for you, head on over to Wilderness Lodge. An easy boat ride over from Magic Kingdom, Wilderness Lodge may be one of our favorite resorts on Walt Disney World property. The rustic charm of this resort is so cozy and inviting and even more so at Christmas. With the 60-foot Christmas tree in the lobby, plenty of decorations throughout, Christmas music playing, and their signature fireplace, this resort will give you a homey, relaxing holiday feel. We’d argue that during the holidays, it may actually be the best place to escape those Christmas crowds. 

Fort Wilderness Resort Christmas

Fort Wilderness at Christmas 

If you’re looking for a whole new kind of pace, be sure to head on over to Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. Grab some hot chocolate, rent a golf cart and drive around Fort Wilderness campground to see all of the fantastic decorations put up by the campers there. Walt Disney World itself doesn’t do a whole lot for Fort Wilderness, but the campers go all out. Think Christmas lights, life-size castles, Cinderella carriages, the works. The possibilities are endless here, and you can easily make a night out of these festive holiday displays. 

Have we convinced you to visit these resorts at Christmas? We sure hope so! Imagineers spend months working on resort decorations, so be sure to plan some downtime in your holiday trip to enjoy all that the season has to offer. Check out all the Gingerbread displays at Disney Resorts across Walt Disney World during the holidays. 


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