Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge Cold Brew Black Caf Copycat Recipe

Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge Cold Brew Black Caf Copycat Recipe

We love coffee. Especially when we can have it in a Disney Park.  The Cold Brew Black Caf from Galaxy’s Edge is one of our favorites.  Now that Disney offers this drink at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, fans just can’t get enough. So of course, we had to make a copycat recipe!

black caf cold brew copycat recipe

Galaxy’s Edge Cold Brew Black Caf 

The Cold Brew Black Caf originally arrived solely at Disneyland. Made with Joffrey’s cold brew coffee, sweet cream cheese foam and topped off with cocoa puffs, this is such a fun drink! Since its arrival at Disney Parks, this drink has been a sensation. When it finally arrived at Walt Disney World, fans couldn’t wait to try it.  Fondly nicknamed “Space Coffee”, see where you can find this in the Parks as well as how you can make it at home!

Cold Brew Black Caf Galaxy's Edge

Where to find the Cold Brew Black Caf at Disneyland

The Cold Brew Black Caf can be found at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo in Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge.  They also offer a spiked version and one with a taro topper. The taro adds a little bit of extra sweetness to the drink as well as light purple color.  Lines can get long here, so we recommend trying to avoid prime meal times to enjoy this coffee. Or be prepared to wait of course.  Last time we were there, we weren’t able to mobile order it, but you can always try this too if it’s available. 

Cold Brew Black Caf Galaxy's Edge

Where to find the Cold Brew Black Caf at Walt Disney World 

At Walt Disney World, the Cold Brew Black Caf can be found in Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios at Kat Saka’s Kettle. Located right next to Ronto Roasters, this little stand is the perfect place in Galaxy’s’ edge to grab some snacks. You can also get this spiked with Godiva Liqueur at the same location. We prefer this location over the one at Disneyland because lines aren’t nearly as long since it’s just a snack counter. And it’s super easy to get to. 

It’s a highly debated topic about whether or not this is the same recipe from Disneyland, which is odd, but we do think the Disneyland version is a little bit better.  And Walt Disney World’s version is also served in a smaller cup. Not sure why there are differences, but those are the facts! We are guessing at some point, they will work out the kinks. But for now, just know that if you visit both coasts, you might not be tasting the exact same drink. 

Galaxy’s Edge Cold Brew Black Caf Copycat Recipe 

We created this Galaxy’s Edge Cold Brew Copycat recipe so you can enjoy this out-of-this-world concoction any time! We opted for mascarpone over cream cheese for its flavor and texture. It makes the best topping for this cold brew. This cold brew is smooth, creamy, and just sweet enough. If you like your coffee a little sweeter, you can add a little bit of vanilla syrup to the cold brew as well. Read on for our copycat of the Cold Brew Black Caf from Galaxy’s Edge! 

Cold Brew Black Caf

What ingredients are needed for a Cold Brew Black Caf? 

To make this cold brew recipe you’ll just need a few things! All of these items can usually be found at your local Target; but if you need to make substitutions, I have a few listed below in the tips section. 

Cold Brew Black Caf

Cold Brew Black Caf

cold brew black caf

black caf disney coffee

Tips for making Cold Brew Black Caf

This drink is actually pretty easy to make! But if you need substitutions, there are a few you can try. In place of the mascarpone, you can use cream cheese. I used mascarpone because it’s fluffier and lighter and I figured it’s easier to make into a foam for the topping of the cold brew. Mascarpone is what is used in tiramisu, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find. But if you can’t find it, cream cheese will also work! 

You can also use milk in place of half and half; the half and half just helps make it a foamier foam. Or for an even foamier foam, heavy cream is an option. Or, if you want to reduce the amount of dairy, a dairy-free creamer will also work here. We personally love this creamer, which makes a great foam, so feel free to use what you prefer here.  We also like to use coffee ice cubes for the ice so it doesn’t get watered down.

Or alternatively, you can just keep the cold brew in the fridge prior to making this so that it doesn’t need ice. We love this little mixing tool for single-serve drinks and other goodies. But you can also make the foam in a blender, small food processor, or mixing bowl. 

black caf coffee

Cold Brew Black Caf

Cold Brew Black Caf Recipe

Cold Brew Black Caf Copycat

December 14, 2021
: 1
: Easy
  • 2 oz mascarpone
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 3 tbsp half½8 oz cold brew
  • cocoa puffs
  • Step 1 Mix together sugar mascarpone until mixed and fluffy
  • Step 2 Add in half&half and whip until frothy
  • Step 3 Add ice to glass
  • Step 4 Pour in cold brew
  • Step 5 Top with sweet cream cheese foam and cocoa puffs
  • Step 6 Enjoy!

We hope this post helps you bring a little bit of magic home! 

Disneyland Galaxy's Edge Coffee Cold Brew Disney Recipe with Cocoa Puffs

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