How to Have A Disney Christmas at Home

How to Have A Disney Christmas at Home

Celebrating the holidays at home is always a treat. While many take to the road and airways to travel, there is nothing like staying home, where the cookies, movies, and Christmas lights are. And of course, we love adding all things Disney to help keep the season magical even when we’re away from the parks. Here are all our favorite ways to spend the Holidays at Home. And to spread a little Disney Christmas Cheer from near and far. 

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Watch All the Disney Christmas Movies

We love holiday movies. And frankly, start watching them as soon as socially acceptable. Thankfully if you have any streaming service like Disney Plus there are tons of Christmas movies to watch this season! 

Plan Christmas Movie Nights with themed Treats

We love a good theme, and days filled with Christmas movies are no exception. If there’s an opportunity to make a party out of it we will! Check out our Christmas Movie Nights so far, for days filled with movies, activities, and recipes to try. 

  • The Santa Clause Movie Marathon: With three Santa Clause Movies, plan to make a day of it! Grab supplies to make a snowglobe of your very own, stir up your own hot cocoa and end the day with a dinner of noodles and pie. 
  • A Muppets Christmas Movies Day: Settle in for A Muppets Christmas Carol and Letters to Santa this holiday. We’re making Miss Piggy’s Pink Drink, Rizzo’s Pizza Pie, and Sticky Toffee Pudding!
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington Cake Pops and Sally’s popcorn are on the menu for this spooky Christmas movie night. Perfect for a snowy evening. 

Grab the Disney Christmas Movie List

We have pulled together all the BEST Disney movies for you to watch this Christmas season. From Eloise, at Christmastime to Mickey’s Christmas Carol, you can check out our full list of Disney Christmas Movies to get started with favorites! And dive into our Countdown to Christmas Challenge for even more holiday movies we love. 

Grab a PRINTABLE Countdown to Christmas Calendar
Get the PRINTABLE Disney Christmas Movie Checklist


Christmas Calendar Countdown Christmas Movies

Watch Your Favorite Disney Channel Shows and Episodes

And if you’ve watched through all the Disney Christmas Movies you could find, there are still plenty of Disney Channel Christmas shows to watch. So plan a Saturday and turn on old favorites from the Disney Channel. These can all be found on Disney Plus.

Ravens Home Christmas Episode Disney Plus
RAVEN’S HOME – “Bah Humbugged”- Courtesy Walt Disney Company

Play Christmas Movie Bingo

Yes! Christmas Movie Bingo is a thing. And if you’re ready to take your movie watching to the next level, we have printable Christmas bingo cards for kids and grown-ups that work with pretty much any Christmas movie! Get some m&m’s or Hershey kisses, your favorite hot cocoa, and cozy up for a game of Bingo in front of the tv. 

Grab the PRINTABLE Family Bingo Cards

Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo Cards

Disney Plus Group Watch

Play Games Together Online and Group Watch Movies

In these unprecedented times, we’ve been getting together with family mostly online. While we desperately miss the big family gatherings, Sunday dinners, Birthday Parties, and Holiday events, we’re doing our best to stay safe and still have fun. So since Easter, we’ve been getting together via Zoom to play Jackbox Games, using Disney Plus Group Watch,  Netflix Teleparty, and Prime Video Watch Party to watch movies, and even visiting each other on Animal Crossing, which always includes fun holiday themes. 

Bake Disney Christmas Treats with Mickey

If you haven’t noticed we love baking! LOVE it. And thankfully we have a Mickey Head Cookie Cutter, so almost all our treats can be mickey shaped. And if you’re looking for Disney Inspired Recipes, you can find Mickey Waffles, Beignets, Macron’s and movie night treats on this blog in our Disney Recipe section. For Christmas, however, there is nothing like also baking some traditional Christmas cookies! Crinkle Cookies, Klotchkes, Snowballs, Peanut Butter Blossoms, Gingerbread, and more pretty much take over the kitchen for the holidays. And if you’re wanting to add a few Disney touches, simply add Mickey Ears to your gingerbread or mickey chocolates and props on your Cookie Charcuterie Board! From cute Gingerbread Mickeys to Olaf snowflakes, there are so many ways you can add more Disney to the holidays.  Here are some of our favorite Disney Christmas Recipes for the Holidays. 

Christmas cookies at Home for the holidyas

disney treats at christmas time

Send Disney Christmas Cards

This year more than ever, it’s soooo important to connect with family and friends, when you can’t see them in person. And sending Christmas Cards is a great way to make sure everyone you’re thinking about knows it. You can find cheery Christmas Cards, classic cards, and even Disney Christmas Cards that can help spread a few smiles and make you feel like family and friends are close by, even when they’re not. 

Christmas Cards

Disney Christmas Cards Home for the Holidays

Disney Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Decorations Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Decorate Your Home with Disney Christmas Decorations

Decorating is one of our favorite parts of Christmas. And thankfully, there are so many Disney Christmas Ornaments you’re sure to find something you love to decorate your home. Take this year to go all out! Find ornaments you haven’t used in years and showcase them in your home. Stockings, Ornaments, Garlands, Fleece Throws; anything to get your home more festive can help keep you cheery all season. and are great places to start if you need to boost your Disney Christmas Collection.

Celebrate your Family Culture

Everyone has a story. And chances are your family has one too. Take this time of year to dive into your family’s traditions by learning about the cultural Christmas traditions from the country of your ancestors. Some cultures have a tradition of hiding gifts in shoes or celebrating Epiphany, while others give their farm animals a Christmas all their own. 

Plan Something Really Special

Chances are since you haven’t been traveling, eating out, visiting with friends as much lately. BUT, never fear, because sometimes even the smallest things can make a huge difference! Maybe you get yourself and the family an elaborate Advent Calendar and count down the days till Christmas? Or decide to spring for that 19.99 rental on Amazon for an in-theater movie you can watch at home? What about taking a whole day off to do nothing but bake your favorite cookies? Or watch all your favorite movies with a Disney Christmas Night? There are so many ways you can make spending time at home special, even during the holidays. Even if you’re on your own! 

Staying home for the holidays

Make a Disney Christmas Craft

If you’re a crafter, or just need something to douse the anxiety of the year, grab a few crafts to play with through the season. You can make Mickey Mouse pom pom ornaments for the tree? Putz Houses, garlands, a homemade wreath, tiny hats for your plants, or homemade ornaments. Grab a Disney cross-stitch kit and settle into the feeling of accomplishment while you de-stress. 

Mickey's Christmas Carol Piano

Learn or Do Something New

It may seem odd that during the absolutely busiest time of year you should stop what you’re doing and learn something new. But hear us out. Frankly, your brain probably needs a distraction from the chaos and overwhelm. Because shopping for gifts, watching the movie list, and baking all of grandmas cookies can get to be a lot! Instead, try to introduce something new and calm into your life during this time. Maybe start reading a new book series, or crochet, or painting or try a new workout. New-ness can help re-focus your mind to the task at hand, instead of on your to-do list. If you play piano, maybe try out a new piano piece. We love the Oh what a Merry Christmas Day piano piece from Mickey’s Christmas Carol and it’s an easygoing song to learn. 

Disney Holiday Decor Hot Cocoa Bar

Stock a Hot Cocoa Cart for Winter

Hot cocoa, marshmallows, and all the fixings! You know there are going to be some nights you just need a hot chocolate, and something cozy. For this reason, we stock our hot cocoa cart as soon as the weather turns cold.  With pretty much anything we can find that is festive and fun. If you’re in Disney Parks, or on you can also find Mickey hot cocoa and coffees to add a little more Disney Magic to your cart. We also like to check out our favorite Disney Coffee Roasters; Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company and Expedition Roasters. Both offer Disney-themed coffees you can have on hand for the cozy season. And if you’re feeling ambitious, check out these easy marshmallow recipes to help add a little more magic to your cocoa cart. 

Chocolate Peppermint Marshmallow

Hot Cocoa Christmas Cocoa

Add Festive Christmas Scents and Smells

Balsam, Cinnamon, Snowfall, Gingerbread. We’ll take ’em all. Candles are a great way to make your home festive, calm, or any scent you want to fill your home with. There are choices for every mood, every room, every part of the season. We fall prey every year to the wide array of amazing scents at Bath and Body Works. Here’s hoping just having amazing holiday scents in your home keeps you cheery all season. 

Make Wrapping Presents an Event

Whether you’re giving presents to family at home or sending gifts to family and friends, there is nothing like taking some time to sit on the floor in front of a Christmas movie and wrap gifts. We like putting on our favorite Christmas Movies ( like A Christmas Story, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and The Santa Clause ) and dig in. Create a Wrapping paper station somewhere in your home with gift tags, tape, bows, ribbon and wrapping paper, so that when the time comes you can gather everything up and have your wrapping presents day. 

Letters to Santa Claus

Letters to Santa

We love having a reason to sit down with cocoa and cookies, or any Christmas treat. And writing letters to Santa is as good a reason as any! For us, we always make time for gift lists to Santa Claus, because coming from a big family that means lots of people to buy for. So it’s always a good idea to get an idea of what everyone is hoping for before sending those letters off to Santa himself! We usually try and do a Letters to Santa Day before Black Friday, so we can all take advantage of sales. Grab a free afternoon one weekend, some cocoa, bagels for brunch or cookies and dig into the task at hand. This has become an annual tradition for us and makes gift giving so much easier! 

Get our PRINTABLE Letter to Santa

Send Food to Friends and Family

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s how to get food delivered. Whether it’s gifting family a week of Hello Fresh meals so that they don’t have to figure out dinner. Or sending Starbucks with Uber Eats, a food gift is always welcome. Unlike “stuff,” you won’t have to worry about where they’ll put things and whether or not they’ll like it. If you’re trying to replicate that airport feeling on a Disney Vacation, you can even order Cinnabon with food delivery services like Uber eats or Door dash, if you have a Cinnabon close by. For the holidays, since our family all lives pretty close we did food drop-offs on the doorsteps so that everyone’s favorite family dishes could still be shared. 

Spending the Holidays at Home

If you’re used to traveling for the holidays or visiting Walt Disney World for Christmas this year is just as magical ever. Hopefully, all these ideas are ones that can fill your holiday season with a little more festive fun and a lot more joy! Whether you’re on your own or with your family there are tons of ways you can really dig in and enjoy the season at home. Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas! 

Spending the holidays at Home this year? Here are all of our favorite ways to add a little disney, spend times with family at a distance and fill your Christmas season with joy! #polkadotpixies #disneychristmas

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