A Disney Valentine’s Day at Home

A Disney Valentine’s Day at Home

One of our favorite parts about Valentine’s Day, apart from all the chocolate and flowers, includes all the ways you can make this day really special! Unlike traditional family holidays, Valentine’s Day doesn’t come with a pre-determined menu, a dozen people to buy gifts for, or obligatory travel to anywhere! In fact, one of our favorite guilty pleasures in the middle of winter is to just spend a Disney Valentine’s Day at Home. Here we’ll share a bunch of Disney Valentine’s Day things to help add a little more magic to your day. 

Let’s just take a moment to set the record straight here. Valentine’s Day is no longer just that mushy romance-filled holiday it once was in the ’90s. And since we all got through those anti-Valentine’s Day rants of the early 2000s, there is more to do now than just make duct tape roses. In fact, dare we say, it’s become more fun! Just fun! Everyone loves LOVE, in all forms. And Valentine’s Day is a great way to honor that. Of course, we’re adding a bit of Disney to our Valentine’s Day at Home, no matter how you celebrate! Here are all the ways we’re just piling on that extra love this season. 

Disney Valentines Day

Disney Valentine’s Day Crafts

A Disney Valentine’s Day at Home wouldn’t be complete without crafts, and decorations. Even if only for a week or two. We love to get together all things red and pink and perk up the house. And this easy Mickey Mouse, Heart, and XOXO garland are so easy to make! Just grab cardstock and ribbon. Check out all the details in our Valentine’s Day Decor and Craft post. 

Disney Valentine’s Day Decor

Check out our Disney Love Quotes for Valentine’s Day post to get cute ideas for framed quotes to put around the house. Or grab some Vintage Disney Valentine’s Day Cards to strewn around. We also love the variety of Disney Valentine’s Decor you can find on shopDisney.com. But really, any cute Disney stuffed animal, tsum tsum, uffufy, or even mugs will do to get more Disney into your Valentine’s Day Decor. 

Valentine's Day Waffle Board

Disney Valentine’s Day Brunch 

It’s time to pull together Valentine’s Day Mickey Waffle Brunch Board. Since Valentine’s Day is in February and where we live, we are usually knee-deep in the snow by then, heels and nights out are not as fun as it would be if we lived somewhere sunny and warm. As a result, we aim to make our Disney Valentine’s Day at Home about fun foods and indoor activities. There’s nothing we like better than brunch! And adding in heart-shaped waffles, Mickey Waffles, and everything pink and red can make your Valentines’s Day Disney Brunch perfect. Make a batch of batter the night before and wake up with something to look forward to. 

Valentine's Day Charcuterie Board

Disney Valentine’s Day Treats

Okay, frankly, even as much as Valentine’s traditions have evolved to include all kinds of love, they usually still involve candy. And that’s OK in our book. Check out all the ways we’ve added Mickey-shaped Rice Krispies treats, candy-coated pretzels, and cute Disney elements to make a candy charcuterie board. See all the things we used to build a sweet Disney Valentine’s Day Candy Charcuterie Board for a little more Disney Valentine’s Day at Home. 

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If you’re hoping to put a little more effort into your Disney Valentine’s Day at home, we have a milkshake and an m&m stuffed cupcake to add more sweetness to your day. Pink frosting, strawberry ice cream and valentine’s m&m’s are all you need. Check out all our best Valentine’s Day Treats inspired by Disney. 

Tangled the Series Valentines Day Episodes

Disney Valentine’s Day Episodes and Shows on Disney Plus

If you’re not going out for Valentine’s Day you can still have fun at home, watching all your favorite Disney Valentine’s Day Shows on Disney Plus.  From Disney Channel Valentine’s Day episodes to new favorites like the live-action Lady and the Tramp, there are tons of fun shows to watch on Disney Plus for Valentine’s Day. 

disney valentines day disney board game

Disney Villains Valentine’s Day 

Perhaps you want to celebrate your Love of Disney Villains on Valentine’s Day? Great! Grab a fun game, make a warm cozy drink and honor the Disney Villains with movies, games, style, and more! Check out all our best Disney Villaintine’s Day Ideas in our Disney Villains Valentine’s Day post. 

Disney Valentines Day Quotes

Disney Valentine’s Day Gifts

Whether you’re looking for fun ways to spend your Disney Valentine’s Day at Home, or need a Valentine’s Day gift that doesn’t break the bank, this list of Disney Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $20 is filled with Disney gifts for friends and family. From cute plant pots, Disney journals, books, movies, candles, and more. 

Celebrate a Disney Valentine’s Day at Home

No matter what your Valentine’s Day plans are, hopefully, our Disney Valentine’s Day ideas here have inspired you to create your best Valentine’s Day ever. 

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