The Best Photo Spots in EPCOT Park Disney World

The Best Photo Spots in EPCOT Park Disney World

EPCOT Park is home to many things. Future World is all about progress with a focus on the planet. While World Showcase offers up cultures, food, and fun. As one of Walt Disney World’s most detailed parks, there is no shortage of things to photograph. The Best Photo Spots in EPCOT may not jump out at you, but once you find them, you’re golden! So, if you just need a great photo for your travel blog, working to add more magic to your Instagram feed, here are all the best photo spots in EPCOT to add to your park photography checklist.

Where to Take Pictures in EPCOT Park

Opening in 1982, EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow and was one of the reasons Walt Disney wanted the expansive land in Florida. As a testing ground for a new planned community Epcot was meant to be a park filled with experimentation, innovation, and culture. 

  • World Celebration
  • World Nature
  • World Discovery 
  • World Showcase

A Disney Photoshoot Plan for EPCOT

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to photography buildings, details or having a personal photoshoot, in EPCOT park, the crowds descend fast. So our best tip for grabbing photos of the best photo spots in EPCOTis to arrive early! If this means booking an early breakfast reservation to get yourself into the parks, do it. If it means booking a Disney Resort so you have that extra 30 minutes from Early Park Entry, do that. When building a photoshoot plan for yourself it’s important to think about not only all the Best Photo Spots in Epcot but also the logistics. Things like using a Photopass Photographer, visiting during times of day when the lighting is better and when crowds are lower can make or break a good photography day.

As Disney Park’s opening plans often change it is worth the effort to make sure you’re in the park as early as possible. Or as late as possible if you’re tackling nighttime photography at Disney World. So be sure to check out the Disney 5-Day Calendar for current park hours. 

Our recommended time to arrive for early morning photoshoots is 7:30 or 8 am, especially during busy months. If you want to maximize your time, head straight into the World Showcase from the Boardwalk Resorts. While World Showcase doesn’t open until 11 am, there are some countries partially open and you can grab pictures before the crowds arrive. 

Disney Photography Tips

Disney Photography Pro Tip #1- Early Access to the Parks

Your best bet for early access to EPCOT is to be a Disney Resort Guest with a 30-minute head start. Know that almost everyone will be rope-dropping Soarin’ in the Land Building. So, the bulk of the park will be empty in the early morning and you’ll be able to get the shots you need. 

Disney Photography Pro Tip #2- Best Times to Visit

Depending on what you’re aiming to photograph your “Best Time to Visit” could depend on a lot of factors! In EPCOT morning lighting is beautiful. But if you’re trying to catch the latest digital show, then shifting your time to visit the evening hours is your best bet. There are certain shots, like the World Showcase countries at dusk and Spaceship Earth at night that are not to be missed. Be mindful though of the Best Days to Visit Each Disney Park. EPCOT can get extremely crowded in the evenings, and Thursdays- Sundays due to the heavy local crowds this park draws. For this reason, a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday photoshoot is usually your best bet.

Disney Photography Pro Tip #3- Best Lighting

No matter what park you visit, the best times of day to take photos usually stay the same. Florida is known for a gray haze during the hurricane season which lasts from June through November and the overall hot temperatures and humidity can cause problems for any lens. For this reason, early mornings when crowds are lower and the sun is still low in the sky (before 10 am) are ideal. Later in the day after 4 pm is also an excellent time to get some soft sunlit photos. Crowds at Disney and lighting in Florida typically become unbearable between 10-3 pm. With this in mind, it’s best to load your photo work to the morning and evening hours. 

Disney Photography Pro Tip #4- Best Lightroom Presets for EPCOT

EPCOT is a beautiful park, perfect for all sorts of palettes. Whether you’re looking for classic, and charming over in the World Showcase or something more futuristic and modern- you can find it here.  For charming palettes that can brighten, warm, or help your photos feel more magical check out our Pixie Presets in the shop to help you improve your photos and elevate your social feeds. 

Everyday: This everyday preset is perfect all over the park. It brightens without overpowering and allows the natural variances of color to come through. 

In Bloom:  This preset is perfect for the Flower and Garden Festival but also many of the light-colored pavilions all year. We love how this preset works in Mexico, Italy, and France. 

Shining Shimmering:  This preset makes secondary blues and greens pop! So we love it in Morocco, and China as well as all of Future World. Especially The Seas building. 

Nostalgic: This holiday preset brings a muted vintage look to your photos and just makes everything look nostalgic. We love it for those old-timey holiday photos you can grab at Epcot during the holiday season. 

Disney Photography Pro Tip #5- Best Disney Night Photography at EPCOT

  • Spaceship Earth: This icon of EPCOT is usually covered in blues, purples, and pinks in the evening. It photographs beautifully and is perfect as a backdrop for your next pose or as the star of the picture all on its own. The new glass pylons that have been installed in front of this grand and miraculous icon is also a master at catching the light, so be sure to play with some photography around this feature. 

Rose Gold Wall, Walls and Disney and where to find them, Disney Instagram walls, Disney Instagram

World Celebration

Future World is split into two sections- Future World East and Future World West. While these two areas are under some major construction the main components you’ll want to photograph still exist and will weather the renovation project happening right now. 

  • Spaceship Earth: This icon is beautiful from all sides, but the most famous side, is the front. So be sure to stop when you enter the park and snap some pics.   
  • Spaceship Earth Mural: Sometimes a character meet and greet spot, this mural is just to the right of Spaceship Earth when you’re entering the park and makes a cute backdrop with or without a character! 
  • The Bubblegum Wall: A classic Disney Instagram Wall, this one is colored pink and blue like your favorite bubblegum and can be found on the side of the Spaceship at the exits of the ride. 

World Discovery

  • Mission Space: If you’re into the space theme and need planets in the background, Mission space has them, we also love this spot for the colors which are just beautiful throughout the day. Take advantage of the ledges, and walls to grab your perfect picture.
  • Mission Space Rose Gold Wall: Hidden from sight this wall is usually where you find yourself standing when it starts raining. It’s a beautiful rose gold and lavender wall just on the inside of the left, right inside the flanked walls of Mission space. 
  • The EPCOT Experience at Odyssey: The Odyssey building is a classic white building and walkway that leads you from Future World to World Showcase. This area is great for balcony shots with the monorail and water elements in the background. 
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind Building: The newest photo location features a Nova Corps ship centered in front of the building. ( Previously this building held Universe of Energy).

World Nature

  • The Land Building
    • The Land Building features a Mural Wall that is earthy and filled with natural colors. Perfect for a variety of outfits, and thankfully in the shade! 
  • The Seas Building
    • Focused on ocean wildlife, you can snap pictures in front of the cute fish statues throughout the landscaping.
  • Imagination Pavilion 
    • This pavilion is best seen from a distance. We like it from the midway bridge in the background best if you’re looking for something striking with orange and red colors. 

Epcot Imagination Building

World Showcase

World Showcase countries officially open at 11 am, BUT, many of them are available for browsing at 9 am when the park opens. This area of the park houses 11 countries, the Africa Outpost and dozens of gorgeous photo spots. Here are our favorites to find in each country. 

Where do you start? 

When entering from the front of the park, we always recommend starting at Mexico, to the left. While you can go either direction, we find that fewer people go left, therefore causing lower crowds and a little more freedom in finding your best photos. 

epcot mexico coco world showcase


  • Mexico Pavilion: This large pyramid structure is perfect as a backdrop and as a great spot to grab a photo on the steps. But don’t overlook the amazing details here! 
  • Engraved Stone Walls: You can find these flanking the entrance to the pavilion and also at Donald Duck’s meeting space further up the path.
  • Coco Foyer: If you’re a Coco fan you can check out the semi-permanent exhibit in the foyer of the Mexico Pavilion. This includes the Day of the Dead characters and their dogs, as a great photo op, as well as the “Remember Me” Wall, which is just beautiful. 
  • Plaza de Los Amigos: The full interior area of the pavilion is settled in night lighting. So if you’re hoping to grab pictures here of the fountain, restaurant, or village walls, make sure you’re ready by brushing up on what you need for good night photography. 


  • Viking Museum: We like this stacked wooden structure as a backdrop for Viking Coffee or our best Frozen Dinseybound. 
  • Norwegian Village: Near Frozen Ever After, this little storefront town gets busy! Really busy. We’d recommend this as an early morning photo shoot, so you can get cute backdrops before it gets crowded. Grab photos in front of the shops and at the waterfall for something more serene.
  • The Troll: Inside the gift shop is a larger-than-life Troll just waiting to be photographed! While the gift shops do get busy throughout the day, once this pavilion opens, just head in to grab a picture. it’s a noted photo spot and people generally respect that. 


Festival of the Arts


  • Entrance Arch: The entrance to the China Pavilion is very large and very beautiful. This is best for a wide, distanced shot to really get it all in the photo. You can grab one of the best angles of this arch from inside the pavilion. That way you can get some beautiful gardens and ponds in the foreground. 
  • China Storefronts: This pavilion is filled with beautiful two-story storefronts that showcase balconies and details throughout. The farther back you go into the pavilion the more areas you see. You can snap pictures at the Little Brother Bench ( during Festival of the Arts) or the Red Door. 
  • The China Gardens: We absolutely love the gardens and water features here. Sometimes you can even get lucky and see some wildlife. With numerous bridges and benches, it’s easy to find a good spot with the Temple of Heaven building in the background. 

Africa Outpost

  • Vintage Car and Drums: While this isn’t an area that has a ton happening, our favorite spot here is to the left of the quick-service counter. Sometimes there will be people playing drums in space, but if you go further left you’ll see a fun vintage Coca-Cola car, piled with wares. It’s the perfect spot for an Africa Disney bound!

Epcot Germany Paviliion 

germany epcot pavilion


  • The Wishing Well: Often the spot for the Snow White Meet and Greet, this little wishing well just outside the Germany pavilion is perfect if you’re seeking somewhere to honor the first Disney Princess. 
  • Courtyard: The Germany Pavilion has many storefronts and a clock tower even! For pictures, you’ll simply be looking for the best details here that can make your photo a little more  Bavarian! We like the shop windows, signs and in front of Karamell-Kuche to make you look like you’re in a small German village. 


Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, Epcot, Walt Disney World

festival of the arts stuff for adults at disney


  • The Staircase: No matter what time of year you visit, there is always a great opportunity at the Italy Pavilion Staircase. During the Flower and Garden Festival, there are topiaries and flowers that make a nice backdrop. 
  • Gondolas on the Water: While in Italy be sure to turn around and check out the gondolas on the water! These boats are a fun backdrop on the water and make for a great photo among all the balconies. 
  • Courtyards: One of the best parts of the Italian pavilion is the courtyards. If you take a minute to meander though you’ll find towers, crevices, details, fountains, and more. The architecture here is gorgeous and the colors here are warm and cozy, perfect for more neutral palettes. 

Regal Eagle Smokehouse House

United States

  • Regal Eagle Smokehouse BBQ: Inside the newest quick service restaurant in America at Epcot, you will find neat placards on the wall, posters, and even an actual Smokehouse out front that could make for a great photo. 
  • The Fountain: The main feature at the American Pavilion is a fountain in front of the “People’s Mansion,” the main building featuring the Georgian-style architecture of the late 1700s. Best without people in the photo, grab a spot at the fountain with this stately building in the background. 

Flower and Garden Festival Epcot

frothy ramen at japan epcot food and wine festival


  • Pagoda: A replica of a 7th century Horyuji Temple, this large building sits in front of beautiful gardens, that also deserve some camera time. We like it best with a Kakigori in hand. 
  • Imperial Palace: The Mitsukoshi building houses most of everything including the shopping and restaurants. We like it as a backdrop for foodie photos, but the gardens make it great for candid shots in Japan. 
  • Torii of Itsukushima Shrine: One of our favorite things to photograph in EPCOT Japan is the torii gate! It looks great as a backdrop and also as a frame to Spaceship Earth. 

morocco in epcot world showcase restaruant marrakesh restaurant review #disneyrestaurants #disneymorocco #epcotrestaurants

Morrocco Wall, Walls and Disney and where to find them, Disney Instagram walls, Disney Instagram

epcot food and wine festival


  • The Fountains: Morocco has a couple of fountains. The main fountain is at the front, frames by the tiled archway, which is just beautiful and in colors of blues and greens. Another fountain we love is right inside the building to the left. Everything is tiled and can offset any simple outfit beautifully. 
  • Doorways: Throughout Morocco, you can find little crevices with tables and chairs that make for great spaces to photograph. We also love that most of these are in the shade due to the height of the buildings. So lighting is usually pretty good in these spaces. 

France Epcot photography

Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, Epcot, Walt Disney World


  • The Fountains: One of the most beautiful spots in all of World Showcase can be found on the Parisian streets of the France Pavilion. The main fountain is a long rectangular structure centered among the storefronts. Be sure to snap a picture at the front of the fountain if you’re hoping to get the Eiffel Tower in the background. 
  • Remy’s Courtyard: Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure opens October 1, 2021. And the courtyard here is just beautiful. Meant to feel like the streets of Paris, this courtyard has benches, and a Remy Fountain all worth the photograph! 
  • Postcards Near the Bridge: On the way out of the France Pavilion, you’ll see a pile of props! Suitcases, an old camera, postcards, and an artist palette. This is an excellent little stop for a cute photo. 
  • The Bridge to the UK: Another great photo you can get in this area is from the bridge! Either looking at the camera or look back towards the France Pavilion. There is usually a beautiful pink tree to the left and Eiffel Tower in the distance. 

Disney Instagrammers Guide to the best photos at EPCOT

Epcot Instagrammers Guide to best Photos at Epcot

United Kingdom

  • Courtyard: If you head to the back of the England Pavilion there is a beautiful little garden courtyard that is edged by classic buildings you’d most likely find in the richest parts of London, like Hyde Park. Grab a spot in front of one of the column-laden buildings for the cutest photos. 
  • The Tea Garden: Near the Twinings Tea Shop is a beautiful little flower and herb garden that offers cute teashop windows, paths, and things that make for a beautiful photo.
  • The Red Phone Booth: The Red Photo Booth on the edge of the UK pavilion is a classic spot for pictures, so be sure to get here early in the day before everyone else.

canada epcot world showcase


  • Victoria Gardens: Victoria Gardens is a replica of the one found in Canada and a beautiful place to get great photos. Head to the bridge for the backdrop of the gardens, most any time of year. 
  • The Waterfall: Tucked in the back of the Canada pavilion, you can find the waterfall on your way to the Canada Far and Wide 360 movie. This is such a beautiful and serene spot and even has a small walkway path that leads to Victoria Gardens. 

Best Photo Spots in EPCOT

EPCOT Park is a beautiful place for Disney Photography. Whether you’re looking for amazing photos for your Disney Gallery wall or beautiful places to grab pictures for your Instagram feed. There are so many places here to grab pictures and so many places to see! Check out all the best photo spots in EPCOT above and see where you can find the best spots for your next Disney photo! 

Disney Insagrammers Guide to EPCOT

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