a summer vacation at walt disney world

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How to handle the crowds, cost and heat of Walt Disney World in the summer.

Excessive heat, and sporadic rain means you may be hot or drenched on any given day.   Tank tops, good shoes and packable rain jackets are a must.

Dress for the Weather

Take Pool Time at Your Resort

Your afternoon break can include pool time, or you can set aside a whole day to hang out poolside.

Mickey's PhilharMagic, MuppetVision 3-D, the Mickey Shorts Theater and  Rise of the Resistance are great rides when it's hot. 

Prioritize Indoor Rides

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Be Prepared

Sunscreen, Water, and Snacks are important, specially when it's busy.  Pack a water bottle and high protein snacks . 

Take Afternoon  Breaks

Days are HOTTEST between 12-4pm in Florida. This is also when they're busiest! Head to a Resort for a break mid-day to stay out of the heat.

Find the  Kid-Friendly  Drinks

Limit alcoholic drinks, and find slushy drinks like The American Dream in EPCOT to help you stay cool. 

Head to the Water Parks

Head to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach for time on the lazy river, on the water slides, and an excuse to coll off and take it easy. 

Take Time for New Things

Summer at Walt Disney World brings new rides, shows and more to the parks. Here is everything new this summer! 

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