Everything Happening This Summer at Walt Disney World

Everything Happening This Summer at Walt Disney World

Summer used to be Walt Disney World’s Peak Season. Not any more! With Disney deals galore, luring folks to the parks we’re sure the crowds will still be found, but what are you really going for? What events can you expect? Is there anything New? Without the seasonal festival at Epcot to lure you to Walt Disney World with new foods, lets chat about what you can find at Walt Disney World this summer. 

Yes, it’s true that schools do still let kids out in the summer and that families still do vacation at Walt Disney World. But it’s also true that as the climate gets more extreme and Florida Summers can get unbearable. Ask any local and they’ll say you can find them at home in the air conditioning like any other clear-headed Floridian. Then of course, you can add in international tour groups, sports teams and summer conventions and the parks and we stick by our personal truth that we’d rather visit Walt Disney World in any other season

That said, what is there to do at Walt Disney World in the Summer Months? With Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival finished the first week in June and Food and Wine Festival starting the last week in August, the summer gives you a true Diet Epcot feeling. But surely the parades, fireworks, rides and restaurants are all still in good working order and you can have your fill of Disney Magic just the same. True! So what else can you look forward to besides the basic Disney experience? Here’s everything you can find happening at Disney Parks this summer. 

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Walt Disney World Events Summer 2019

Disney After Hours | Magic Kingdom

Runs June 6- Aug 8, Special Event

This special event costs extra, a lot extra in fact, but we’ve been told that if you want priority access to rides, free range of the parks and lower crowds, this evening event is worth it. Disney After Hours has been offered throughout the year, but for Summer 2019, Walt Disney World has unveiled the Disney Villains version. Complete with Hades, Ursula, Maleficent and more. The cost, we admit is somewhat prohibitive. But, if you’re adults traveling and want a fun nighttime party, this may be your best bet. After Hours, Disney Villains edition costs $139 advance purchase, $144 at gate, and $109 for DVC memebrs and Annual Passholders. Grab tickets here. 

Meet and Greet with Bo Peep at Toy Story Land | Hollywood Studios

Summer 2019

Finally Bo Peep gets some love over at Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios. She will be appearing intermittently starting Summer 2019, though we may see a schedule as soon as Toy Story 4 is released, as we’re sure the film will create a whole new generation of Bo fans. 

NBA Experience | Disney Springs

Opens Aug 12, 2019

The NBA Experience arrives at Disney Springs Aug 12, 2019. This immersive experience gets you the opportunity to feel like a basketball star complete with a walk through the players tunnel. Disney is hoping to grab all their ESPN fans with this sports offering, perfect for all ages. 

Africa Animal Kingdom Photo Spot Harambe Market

Rafiki’s Planet Watch Returns | Animal Kingdom

Re-Opens Summer 2019

Rafiki’s Planet Watch was officially taken off the Disney docket last year due to low attendance and a need to redistribute resources across a very busy Animal Kingdom. This conservation focused attraction was only accessible via train ride and offered character meet and greets and a children’s farm. This year Walt Disney World is bringing the attraction back completely refreshed with Lion King elements, just in time for the new live-action Lion King film.

Guardians of the Galaxy-Awesome Mix Live! | Epcot

Runs June 14 through August 18

One of our favorite shows at Epcot, the Guaradians of the Galaxy- Awesome Mix Live! combines favorite songs fro the 80’s with some witty humor in classing Starlord style. Be sure to take a break for this one at Epcot’s American Garden Theater at the American Pavilion. 

H20 Glow Nights | Typhoon Lagoon

May 30- Aug 24 Select Nights, Special Event

This is a super fun, Neon-filled party at Typhoon Lagoon. Taking advantage of all things needing cooled down in the summers, you can plan late nights at the water park, with some mini donuts at your side. Music, special foods and event merchandise plus lights make this event extra special. This is an extra ticketed event at 59 dollars a person. Much like the special events we see throughout the year, this will get you less crowds and the park more to yourself. The party starts at 7pm. Grab tickets here. 

Typhoon Lagoon Adult Cove

Open Year-Round

This Adults-Only section called Adult Cove on the North shore of the island offers privacy, a bar, tv and live music. No ticket needed. For all guests 18 and older. A new offering at Typhoon Lagoon, this adult-only section of the park fills a need for adult travelers, so it may be here to stay! Also be on the lookout for seasonal offerings since the water parks are open year round.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge | Hollywood Studios

Opens Aug 29, 2019

We’ve written up all the details about Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge before. But if you’re travelling this late in the summer and hoping to get into Galaxy’s Edge know that the chances of  a maximum capacity threshold are good, so get there early. 

Toledo at Gran Destino Tower | Coronado Springs

Summer 2019

This new Spanish Tapas, Steak and Seafood Restaurant gives you a rooftop dining experience. As signature dining goes, this ones is a little pricey at 35-60 per adult. You do however get the rooftop experience , joining the rooftop restaurant ranks of Topolino at Disney’s Riviera Resort and California Grill. See the Toledo menu to decide if this place has what you’re looking for. 

Takumi Tei | Epcot Japan

Summer 2019

No official menu yet, Takumi Tei opens Summer 2019. A table service, artisan, restaurant mixes with more inspired flavors from Japan and the natural gardens, and waterfalls. This signature dining experience has a multi-course tasting menu and a full traditional tea service. 

Everything happening at Walt Disney World this Summer! New meet and greets, new evening events and more! #polkadotpixies #disney2019 #disneysummer #waltdisneyworld

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