Whispering Canyon Cafe at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Whispering Canyon Cafe at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

You can ask any Disney World vacation veteran, hands down, Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge, used to be the Disney restaurant that offered the best value for your money anywhere in Walt Disney World. But after a recent menu change, for the better, prices became on level with what you find at most restaurants at Disney. As such, we just had to go see if this refreshed menu at Whispering Canyon Cafe was still worth it. Located at Disney’s elaborate deluxe resort, Wilderness Lodge, this restaurant is a perfect example of why we love Disney World Resort Hopping. A unique experience you won’t find elsewhere in Walt Disney World (or probably anywhere else at all), this restaurant offers a family friendly meal, with a bit of extra fun. It isn’t, however, for the introvert, the romantic dinner or the serious family talk you’ve been meaning to have… here’s why.

Wilderness Lodge Lobby

Whispering Canyon Cafe Restaurant

If you’re wondering what Disney Restaurant should be on your list for your next Disney vacation, then Whispering Canyon Cafe may just fit the bill. With all you care to enjoy skillet meals, and entrees that feature down home cooking you have options like barbecued beef and pork, with potatoes, and for breakfast classic egg skillets with potatoes, ham and more. And the bottomless milkshakes come in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry. Let’s dive into the location, menu, cost, reservations and everything you need to know about the Whispering Canyon Cafe Disney Restaurant. 

Wilderness Canyon Cafe Hours

Since Wilderness Canyon Cafe is not inside a park, you don’t need a park ticket for this restaurant, though a reservation is highly recommended. Hours range from 7:30 AM- 10:00 PM, with an afternoon closing from 2-5 pm. 

  • Breakfast – 7:30 AM to 11:25 AM
  • Lunch – 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Dinner – 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Where is Whispering Canyon Cafe Located?

Whispering Canyon Cafe is located at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort. This deluxe resort is in the Magic Kingdom Resort area and features a Pacific Northwest theme. Filled with elements from Native American culture, and the Wild West territories this resort also boasts a geyser that goes off every 30 minutes, rocky mountain landscaping and a a Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt. 

How do you get to Whispering Canyon Cafe at Disney World?

There are a few ways to get to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. You can travel by Disney Bus, which is easy from any Disney Park. Simply look for the Wilderness Lodge Bus. Note that Wilderness Lodge is NOT the same things as Fort Wilderness. While finding the Disney’s Wilderness Lodge was a little confusing for us ( since it is not at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds, which is the campground), just know that if you take the wrong bus (like we did) to the campground and just stay on it long enough you will get to the Lodge. Once you’re dropped off at the lodge, you can find the Whispering Canyon Cafe just off the lobby. When entering the front doors of the resort, it is located on the left hand side. 

Or you can get to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge by boat! Magic Kingdom has a boat launch just outside the gates of the park, and offers a ride of about 15 minutes to the nearby resort. Once you arrive at the dock, simply take the walking path to the resort. You’ll enter the resort at the back doors, at which point you can take the long straight hall ahead, to get to the lobby, and Whispering Canyon Cafe is on the right. 

Can you share food at Whispering Canyon Cafe?

You’re welcome to share food at any Disney Restaurant. However, the skillet meals here are not family-style meals ( which also come in skillets). As such may not really have enough food for sharing. They are intended for one person, and are all-you-care to enjoy- but only for one person. Whispering Canyon Cafe also offers single serve entree dishes as well. 

Breakfast Skillet at Whispering Canyon Cafe

Whispering Canyon Cafe Menu

The menu at Whispering Canyon Cafe is typical western campfire cooking. While the skillet meals offer ribs, chicken, pulled pork and is very meat-heavy, they also have vegetarian options like jackfruit meat, and plant based meat. If you eat fish, salmon is also available as a skillet entree. Here are the main dishes you can find at Whispering Canyon Cafe. 

Whispering Canyon Cafe Breakfast Menu

One of our favorite meals of the day, a sit down breakfast at Disney World is always a treat. And at whispering canyon cafe, it’s a production. That said, while we love the food choices, the hullaballoo so early in the morning, courtesy of the waitstaff, ketchup and straws, may have you need something with a little more kick. Thankfully, they have breakfast cocktails on the menu for that. 

Breakfast Skillet Meals- $26 each, per person ( All You Care to Enjoy)

  • The Heritage: House-made Buttermilk-Cheddar Biscuits and Sausage Gravy with Scrambled Eggs, Country Potatoes, Hickory-smoked Bacon, Pork Sausage Links, Mickey-shaped Waffles (Price per person)
  • The Carnivore: House-made Cornbread with Honey Butter, Maple-Chipotle Barbecued Slow-smoked Pork Ribs, Oak-smoked Beef Brisket, Barbecued Pulled Pork, Citrus-Herb Chicken, Country Potatoes, Buttered Corn, Charred Carrots (Price per person)
  • The Lighter Side: Bircher Muesli (Swiss Oatmeal), Fresh Fruit, and Yogurt with Egg White-Spinach Frittata, Turkey Bacon, Turkey Sausage, Country Potatoes, Mickey-shaped Waffles (Price per person)


If you’re not ordering a skillet, there are plenty of other things on the menu to try. Pepper Jack Cheese Frittata, Omelets, Oatmeal, a Turkey Sandwich, salads, a Bison Burger and more are all offered on the Whispering Canyon Cafe Breakfast Menu. You can also count on several plant based and kid-friendly options too. Prices per entree range from $12- $23 depending on what you get. And fan favorites like Jacked Up Avocado Toast and Burnt End Nachos are also available as side dishes to order as well. 

Cocktails and Beverages

You can also grab a variety of beverages including coffee, orange juice, Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas, and Margaritas. Drinks are not included in the cost of an entree. Basic beverages range from $4- $10, and cocktail specialties are between $14- $23. 

Skillets at Whispering Canyon Cafe Disney

Whispering Canyon Cafe Lunch Menu

The Lunch Menu at Whispering Canyon Cafe is the SAME as the breakfast menu, featuring the same skillets and entrees. And the selection of sides, desserts and beverages are all the same. As such, if you’re visiting for the food, visiting anytime between 7:30 AM and 2:00 PM gets you the same menu. 

Whispering Canyon Cafe Menu

Whispering Canyon Cafe Dinner Menu

Dinnertime at Whispering Canyon Cafe pulls out all the stops with games and attitude. On our last visit, the kids were able to get involved with a horsey parade in the restaurant. Again, plan to be entertained. Because even if you don’t need extra ketchup, there will plenty of zany antics to be seen. 


Fan favorite appetizers at Whispering Canyon cafe for dinner include Burnt End Nachos, Salad, and Maple Chipotle BBQ Jackfruit Dip. These all cost extra, and range from $11- $14. 

Dinner Skillet Meals- $40 each, per person ( All You Care to Enjoy)

  • The Traditional: Oak-smoked Mustard-Barbecued Beef Brisket, Maple-Chipotle Pork Ribs, Slow-smoked Pulled Pork, Citrus-Herb Chicken, Western-style Sausage, Smashed Potatoes, Buttered Corn, Sautéed Green Beans (Price per person)
  • The Pig: Braised Pork Belly, Maple-Chipotle Barbecued Pork Ribs, Slow-smoked Pulled Pork, Mustard-Barbecued ‘Piggy Wings’, Western-style Sausage, Smashed Potatoes, Buttered Corn, Sautéed Green Beans (Price per person)
  • The Land and Sea: House-smoked Salmon, Citrus-Herb Chicken, Spicy Vegan Sausage, Charred Portobella, Barbecued Cauliflower, Roasted Potatoes, Sautéed Green Beans, Oven-roasted Carrots (Price per person)
  • Plant Based: Maple-Chipotle Barbecued Jackfruit, Spicy ‘Sausage’, Mustard-glazed Beefless Tips, Herb-brushed Trick’n Chick’n, Roasted Potatoes, Oven-roasted Carrots, Sautéed Green Beans, Charred Peppers (Price per person)

Plant Based Dining at Disney World whispering canyon cafe


The entree selection at dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe is more limited than breakfast and lunch. Featuring just three items, you can choose from Char crusted New York Strip Steak, Pan fired Red Quinoa Cakes, or Cedar Plank Salmon. Prices range from $24- $36. 

Cocktails and Beverages

For dinner you can grab a variety of fountain drinks, coffees, teas, and alcoholic drinks. Things  like bourbon, beers, and hard ciders are all on the menu. and classic white and red wines are also in the lineup. All beverages cost extra. 

Whispering Canyon Cafe Kid’s Menu

The Kids Menu at Whispering Cafe is available at each meal, and includes all the basics kid’s love. From Mickey waffles and oatmeal to cheeseburgers, and macaroni and cheese, there are plenty of options to choose from for little ones, aged 3-9.  

apple pie at whispering canyon cafe

Whispering Canyon Cafe Desserts

We love finding amazing desserts at Disney World and Whispering Canyon has some of our favorites; pie and ice cream. Yum! Somewhat limited, the dessert selection does include popular favorites. 

  • Whispering Canyon Pioneer Chocolate Cake: This is a flourless chocolate cake in a little ramekin. While good, and gluten free, it doesn’t really stand up to the 15 layer whiskey soaked cake we had at Steakhouse 71.
  • Granny Smith Apple Pie a la Mode: A Classic Apple Pie slice, this one comes with ice cream on the side, and is the perfect size!
  • Rice Milk Panna Cotta: This plant based dessert is served as a no sugar added dessert and includes marionberries, and strawberries. 
  • Bottomless Milkshake: The famous bottomless milkshake can only be had at Whispering Canyon Cafe. With a mason jar glass filled to the brim with chocolate, strawberry or vanilla milkshake, be sure to leave room for this dessert! And at almost $11 each, you’ll want to have seconds, if not thirds. 

bottomless milkshake at disney whispering canyon cafe

Whispering Canyon Cafe Experience

The experience at Whispering Canyon Cafe is immersive.  And by immersive we mean it’s loud and the servers are sassy and there are a whole of shenanigans. This concept of Immersion Dining is part of the unique experience you get at Disney that you don’t get other places, so it’s new for many, and pretty unexpected. If you need a straw you may get 20. Do you have a pouty teenager, be prepared for some embarrassment coming their way. If there’s even a hint of seriousness about you, just be ready to be made fun of. It’s fun for everyone. Looking for a nice romantic evening? This is not the place. Celebrating something? Let your server know and they’ll tell the entire restaurant.

They do have a pony race ( on stick ponies) that happens during dinner for the little ones so make sure your chair is pushed in! And your little ones ready.

Whispering Canyon Cafe Ketchup

We had heard about the importance of asking for ketchup ( because you can never have enough), and why everyone should ask for straws. We had not heard about the service, which was divine and hilarious! When Disney says all their staff are “cast members” we tend to wonder how many of the staff have actually taken acting or improv classes. After seeing this crew, ( much like the cast members at 50’s Prime Time Cafe) we are believers that these must be professional trained actors. In our opinion the cast members of Whispering Canyon Café could rival Second City or SNL. But this experience is what you make it. You will need to engage with your server, other servers, everyone. If you don’t, you’ll pretty much get chastised.

P.S. This is not a restaurant that will allow you time to discuss vacation plans or have a serious chat with your spouse/ children. If you plan to do so, just be prepared for the wait staff to sit down and join in on the convo with you, then ask other guests at other tables for advice… always a great way to bring out the dirty laundry. We’ve even seen a few fights. Never pretty. 

Whispering Canyon Cafe polkadotsandpixiedust.com

Whispering Canyon Cafe Reservations

Disney Dining Reservations are able to be made up to 60 days prior to the start of your vacation. As such, Whispering Canyon is one that you will want to reserve as close to that 60 day mark as possible. And if you’re visiting sooner than that, just keep checking the My Disney Experience App for reservations that may pop up. If you want to eat here, it’s worth the effort as they do sometimes fill up fast. 

Do you need a Reservation for Whispering Canyon Cafe?

Yes. We would say definitely YES! As one of the more sought after restaurants at Disney World, it’s best to just reserve your visit ahead of time. That said, this isn’t one of those super hard Disney reservations to get, but during busier times, it will be tough to find availability. 

Whispering Canyon Cafe Cost

Okay, we’ll be honest here. The prices at Whispering Canyon Cafe aren’t good, but they’re not necessarily bad either. Before the menu change, this restaurants claim to fame was that it was a family style meal with TONS of food, for an amazing price. Now that’s simmered a bit. For breakfast you’re looking at $26 for a skillet meal, that includes everything you need. Then of course add on the $5 for a regular beverage, and you’re looking at a budget friendly $30 breakfast. Dinner runs about $40 for a skillet meal with a $5 dollar drink, and you’re at an okay $45 dollar dinner, per person. However, those prices don’t include a starter or desserts, which could set you back another $20 or so per person depending. As such, this will potentially be a $40 breakfast, or a $60 dinner per person, once you’ve calculated all the extras, plus tax and tip. 

Whispering Canyon Cafe Review

All in all we like Whispering Canyon cafe. We definitely have to be “in the mood” for some of the extra fun, so usually try to schedule this one close to the beginning of our trip, before the wear of 15 mile days, and Florida’s sporadic rains have gotten the better of us. That said, the food here is best for Meat Eaters. If you’re toting the traditional American family, or a family of carnivores then you’re in the right place. Vegetarians, and Vegans will be disappointed with the limited fake meat and jackfruit options and would be better served to visit Toledo at Coronado Springs for better meatless options. Alternatively Liberty Tree Tavern has excellent options along the same lines as a Homestyle family meal, and the prices are a bit cheaper. 

Visiting Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World

Before or after dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe, check out the resort. Complete with fireplace, Native American décor and Wilderness Mickey and Friends merchandise in the gift shop. The grounds are really quite beautiful and there’s plenty to explore.

While you’re visiting Whispering Canyon Cafe, be sure to check out Old Faithful past the outdoor pool at the back of the lodge. The Old Faithful geyser goes off every 30 minutes, so hang out on the bridge and wait for it. It’s cool to see and it shoots super high! There’s also an outdoor bar called Copper Canyon Grill nearby in case you wander out there and decide its time for a drink. Depending on how your meal went, you may need it!

There were many things we loved about Whispering Canyon Café and decided it’s definitely an experience you should have at least once. Especially if you’re toting family! Much like the 50’s Prime Time Café at Hollywood Studios this restaurant comes with a flavor all it’s own and is definitely worth the trip.

whispering canyon cafe

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