Pandora World of Avatar Animal Kingdom Guide

Pandora World of Avatar Animal Kingdom Guide

Walt Disney World’s Pandora, the World of Avatar, at Animal Kingdom, is by far one of the best-themed spaces we’ve seen. We love that you don’t need to know the Avatar movie to appreciate this natural environment. And that it really does have a feeling all its own. As Animal Kingdom’s newest land and home to the BEST ride at Walt Disney World, we’re here to share everything you need to know about Pandora World of Avatar.

Pandora The World of Avatar

Ok. We get it if you haven’t seen Avatar. We actually didn’t even watch the film until after we got home from Animal Kingdom. And frankly, you probably don’t have to watch it at all, if it doesn’t strike your fancy. It’s true that Disney does have like 4 more new Avatar films lined up before 2027, but we probably won’t be standing in any lines to see them. It’s not that we don’t love James Cameron alongside the rest of the planet, but really, you just have to be in the right mood. What we loved about Pandora is that it’s a completely different world than our own,  on a moon 4.4 light-years away, and this new land actually feels like it. 

Waterfalls at Pandora Disney

pandora disney valley of mo'ara

Pandora Animal Kingdom

The charm of Pandora is all about the natural environment, the food, perfectly themed, the nighttime experience, and the rides. The Walt Disney World Imagineers absolutely outdid themselves with this land. Here’s a quick and dirty checklist of what your day in the Pandora World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom includes. We’ll get into all of these things in this post. 

  • Valley of Moara: sights and sounds of the natural world with bioluminescence for the evening ours
  • The Drum Circle: This drum space is part of an interactive experience and a show that happens throughout the day where you learn the way the Na’vi people connect with their planet. Lots of deep sounds, chants, and rhythm are part of this experience. 
  • The Na’vi River Journey: This Pandora boat ride usually has low waits and offers a cool respite from the hot Florida sun. 
  • Flight of Passage. This Pandora ride in Animal Kingdom usually sees a very long wait, as 120 minutes is a regular wait time. 
  • Pongu Pongu Lounge: This little quick-serve counter has Pongu Lumpia and Night Blossoms.
  • Satu’li Canteen: By far one of the best restaurants in Animal Kingdom, you can grab lunch and dinner here. 

The Pandora World of Avatar Valley of Mo’ara

This place is sooooo Relaxing!!! Ok, Ok. we’ll admit we were there during a Passholder Preview so we weren’t battling crowds, but even up against crowds, you should still notice the peacefulness. In fact, you almost want to be a little quieter when you enter Pandora. The sounds of waterfalls run in the background, the sun peeks through the floating mountains, the plants are lush and colorful, and there are plenty of places to lounge. There’s a moss wall with a bench, a large outdoor eating area at Satuli Canteen, rocks to sit on near the waterfalls, and tree-lined paths that offer shade. And it truly does feel like a completely different world. 

The Wait Queue for Flight of Passage

The wait queue for Flight of Passage is pretty cool.  We were definitely those people stopping every 15 seconds to take a picture of something. As the ride is an inside ride you get a glimpse of a bioluminescent land. A walk-through of the Pandora conservation “lab” where they keep a life-size avatar. And a debriefing on how the ride will connect to your body as an Avatar is assigned to you.

Pandora World of Avatar Flight of Passage Ride

The  Pandora Animal Kingdom ride that is best known is Flight of Passage. This is essentially a virtual reality ride where you sit on a stationary bike-like chair and dive into the land of Pandora on the back of a Banshee. The Flight of Passage is supposed to be a rite of passage between you and your banshee. So as you sit in the bike chair there are little pulses that come from your banshee/ avatar body. Sounds weird but so cool. And really we can’t explain how magical the whole thing feels. It’s like a very strong hug that holds you while you fly through the most amazing digital world. If you’ve been on Soarin’ you’ll know there are breezes, splashes of water, and wonderful smells. You will find those same elements on this ride as well. Ya gotta get there and try it out. It’s sooooo amazing. 

How Long is the Line at Flight of Passage?

Very long. Typically between 90- 120 minutes. So we always recommend a Disney ride strategy. As in getting to the gate early, waiting with everyone else, and then walking very fast to the ride queue. On our last trip, we were at the gate at the opening, and the wait was still about 45 minutes, behind all the other guests who were also rope dropping.  Other ride strategies are to wait until 12-2 pm hours when other guests are eating lunch or park hopping to their next park. Or grabbing a Lightning Lane Pass.

pandora world of avatar

The Na’vi River Journey Ride

You will have this song from the ride stuck in your head all day. At the end of this ride, you realize the music has been coming from the Na’vi Shaman of Songs. The ride itself is tranquil and calm and a perfect retreat from the hot Florida sun. The purpose of this ride, like all of Pandora, is to remind you how we are all connected to the earth. This message mirrors Walt Disney’s own strong beliefs on conservation and supports his vision for Animal Kingdom.

The Pandora World of Avatar Drum Circle

While you can go beat on the drums hidden in the rock formations of the Drum Circle, it’s easier to enjoy when the drums actually ” turn on”. We sort of accidentally discovered this while taking pictures. And then watched as everyone went crazy running over to see how loud they could make the drums sound.

Pandora workd of Avatar Review Drum Circle Disney

Pandora World of Avatar Glows in the Dark

Look Down. The concrete-covered ground is laced with glow-in-the-dark elements, apparently, these are at their strongest around midnight so be there on a day when there are Extra Magic Hours. The plants glow, the floating mountains glow. Purples, Blues, and Fluorescent lights cover everything. If you want to get a glimpse of this in the daytime there’s an area inside the Flight of Passage that is part of the bioluminescent world.

Listen. At night especially, not only are things glowing but you can hear “animals” push aside plants to get through. Apparently, the plants actually interact with the unseen wildlife.

Pandora World of Avatar Glowing Floor

Pandora Photo Op Locations

It did seem that Disney was aware that people now photo op everywhere! Due in large part to the Disney Walls of Instagram hype. Even the stroller parking has some nice backdrops.

Moss Wall: You’ll find this one because even the Photo Guy knows it’s a cool spot. It’s green and pink moss on a wall across from the Large robot standing outside Pongu Pongu. This has made our Disney Walls of Instagram list, and we’ll surely find a few more next time we visit. 

Moss Wall World of Avatar Disney Pandora

Food at Pandora World of Avatar

Food at Pandora World of Avatar

Satu’li Canteen offers out of this world food. What we loved most about this food is its “bowl” food. So a nice combo of greens and cabbage and just freshness all around. We got the chimichurri sauce as an add-on, and it was awesome. G got the cheeseburger pods, which were interesting to say the least. Don’t be fooled; the pod is actually made up of bread dough, so it will still taste like a bun. And there are vegetarian and gluten-free options here too. Check out the full menu for Satu’li Canteen. 

Pongu Pongu Lounge offers up Night Blossom Drinks ( regular and alcoholic) and Pongu Lumpia, a pineapple cream cheese spring roll. Along with a couple of other specialty drinks. 

pongu pongu night blossom drink at pandora

The Future of Pandora

While die-hard Walt Disney World folks have said this new land won’t last, we don’t know that we can agree. There must be some momentum here fueling those new Avatar movies on the way. And the rides alone will make you want to connect with the planet more and more. The Conservation efforts here for the environment also have some strong activism behind it. So, chances are Pandora is here to stay. Whatever happens, we can’t recommend this place enough. Do whatever you gotta do to get there. 

And check out our Pandora World of Avatar Collection before you go!


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