13 Helpful Tips for Enjoying Your Disney Vacation

13 Helpful Tips for Enjoying Your Disney Vacation

 While many have jumped at the chance to get back into the Disney Parks when they recently opened, there are much more rather hesitant about doing anything too soon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be ready when you finally decide to take the plunge and visit Disney Parks. Whether that’s this year, next year or the year after, here are our top Disney Vacation Tips. Everything you should consider to make sure your next Disney Vacation is Smart, Safe and Fun! 

Disney During COVID Vacation TIPS 

If you’re still wavering about when to visit Walt Disney World, we hear you! We are too! But don’t let that stop you from being ready when you’re ready to travel again.  Be sure to read through Walt Disney World’s Know Before you Go Page for everything involving Disney Resort rules, face mask rules, and information on what restaurants are open. While there are many things that have CHANGED about how you are going to plan your Disney Vacation, take a minute to focus on the most important thing. Your health and safety. 

Disney face masks and hand santizers

Choose the Right Type of Face Mask for Disney 

Face Masks are no longer required outdoors at Walt Disney World, BUT are still required indoors for all guests ages two and up. While there are many face masks to choose from these days, you’ll want to make sure you have the right kind of face covering, as Walt Disney World does have specific requirements for what face masks can be worn in the Parks. You can find information about Disney’s Face Mask Rules here so be sure to check it before your trip since it can be subject to change.

Consider bringing an extra mask or two, and store them in a Ziploc bag in your Park bag. This will ensure you have an extra in case yours gets wet from rain or a ride or, let’s face it if you get too sweaty. Check out our cute Disney Face Masks in the shop. 

Revamp Your Disney Day Bag with the Safety Things You Need!

It’s time to switch up what’s in your Disney day bag during this season of life in the Parks. We’ve always been big fans of personal fans at Walt Disney World, but this year we’ve found one even bigger and better and especially useful for when you’re wearing a mask. This double wraparound personal fan can be found on Amazon, is rechargeable, and comes in a few different colors. Be sure to bring along extra masks, plastic baggies, a water bottle, a fan, hand sanitizer, and wipes. Among other things, you may want to have on hand in the parks this year. 

Splash Mountain Phone Case

Keep Your Phone Charged

A  simple recommendation? Yes. But how often does your phone still die in the parks? You don’t want to be fighting for a spot among crowds of guests in the phone charging area. So, make sure you have a portable charger handy. Or grab at Fuelrod in the parks.

Be Extra Aware of the Weather

It’s Florida, it’s gonna be hot. While a regular Florida day may have seemed bad, a day with a mask on could be even worse. Our recommendation is, Make your life easier and be prepared. Plan on lighter fabrics for your clothes, wear tank tops or shorts that breathe. Keep your hair up or under a hat. PLAN for times inside. Whether that’s more time at your resort, or in the lobby of a nearby resort to the parks. We love the monorail resorts as a way to escape the weather and crowds. And if you’re visiting during the rainy season, and want to limit indoor time, we get it! We’ve also introduced new packable rain jackets in our store, and LOVE them for rainy days in the parks. 

planning a disney vacation

Embrace Planning Your Disney Vacation Ahead of Time

Lots of Planning is one of the biggest Disney Vacation Tips. Park Pass Reservations are now required for all guests. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Knowing that you’re limited to just one park per day, means you can MAXIMIZE this time. Plan a sit-down meal at your favorite restaurant in each Park, and make a list of which rides you Must Do while you’re there. That way you’ll be focused and able to handle the additional safety and health things that pop up throughout your day. Grab our Disney Vacation Planners to help guide everything you need to do ahead of time. Since this planner comes with attractions and restaurants lists for each park it’s easy to circle your favorites and plan out your days. 

Learn and Love the My Disney Experience App

The My Disney Experience App is your lifeline to everything you need to know at Walt Disney World. This app lets you know bus arrival times at your resort, ride wait times, can unlock your resort room, and pay for your food. It also contains all your plans, from your resort stay to your dining reservations. Learn it and Love it. 

Toy Story Land Woody's Lunch Box at Walt disney World Hollywood Studios Restaurant Review #woodyslunchbox #disneydining #toystoryland

Be Ready to Mobile Order Your Food at Disney

In order to keep lines at a minimum, Walt Disney World has added even more Disney Parks restaurants that offer Mobile Order to the list. Check out our quick guide to Disney Mobile Order if this service is new to you. Your first step is to make sure you have a credit card loaded in the app BEFORE you go on your vacation. We’ve had so much success with just being able to order and have food ready at the walk-up counter in about 15 minutes. It’s one of the most needed Disney Vacation Tips for Disney vacations from here on out. 

Take Time to Do Less with Less To Do

And by doing less we mean being more mindful with the activities in your day. The absence of shows, fireworks, and parades means that your time has the opportunity to be MORE FUN and not just a series of checkboxes you check off while battling crowds. You can play the Disney Games we love. Or grab special snacks and stroll around the park finally noticing the details. Take time out for rides you’ve never experienced before. 

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Choose your top 5 Favorite Rides in each park and make those a priority

Since we always recommend just One Park Per Day at Walt Disney World, we recommend making a plan! Pick your Must-Do Rides in each park and decide what ride strategy to use. Will you 1. Wait in line with the standby queue? 2. Will you buy a Lightning Lane individual pass? 3. Will you purchase Disney Genie Plus and have 2 Lightning Lane rides for your day. You’ll have to figure out which rides actually warrant the extra cost. As a reminder, Disney Genie Plus costs extra, as does Lightning Lane Passes. Read all about Lightning Lane at Disney World before making a plan.  While wait times may be generally low the illusion of extra time not on a schedule could have you leaving the park wondering why you didn’t get to do everything you wanted. Make your priority ride and restaurant lists ahead of time. 

Play Disney Games that Keep You out of Lines

Find the Hidden Pascals in Magic Kingdom to Hidden Mickeys in all four parks, there is plenty to do at Walt Disney World that has nothing to do with rides or food! Take this time to discover those things. This carpet at the Beach Club Resort on the Disney Boardwalk is filled with Hidden Mickeys!

Hidden Mickeys at Disney

Have a Resort Day to Take a Break from the Crowds

One of the best Disney Vacation Tips involves getting to know your Disney Resort! There are walkways, gift shops, restaurants, and some even have beaches. No matter where you are staying take the time to be outside, walk the paths and learn your home for your vacation time. Often we are so on the go that all the amazing resort things go completely unnoticed! Check out all our favorite Resorts at Walt Disney World. 

Find the Best New Disney Snacks

With fewer people and more time, you can finally take the chance to check out all those NEW Disney Snacks you haven’t tried yet! From the Wonderland Slushy to keep you cool to the luscious Waffle Sundae at Sleepy Hollow, to the guacamole at Choza de Margarita. Enjoying your Disney vacation is about taking time for the little things. 

Build Up Your immunity BEFORE you head to the Parks

We’ve talked before about how to stay healthy while traveling and ALWAYS go back to one thing. Emergencee. This powdered Vitamin C supplement has tons of B vitamins we usually need to keep going during park days, but that’s not why we take it. As Ohioans, we generally fly to Florida, which means airplane cabin air and germs. So, we usually take Emergencee daily 1-2 weeks before any vacation. You can also take high potency Vitamin C supplements or Airborne gummies. Stocking your body up with Vitamin C ahead of time will prep it for the potential germs and help ward off sunburn ( Bonus!). We also highly recommend a regular bedtime with at least 8 hours of sleep, nutrient-dense meals like soups and vegetable dishes, and lots and lots of liquids. 

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Make your Disney Vacation More Enjoyable

Hopefully, this has given you a quick list of stuff to consider ahead of your Disney vacation. While it surely is a jungle out there, there are ways you can increase your personal health and safety and be prepared enough to actually enjoy your vacation. If you have any other ideas you want to add, just let us know! We’ll be adding more tips as we find them. 

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