Staying Off Property at Disney World Pros and Cons

Staying Off Property at Disney World Pros and Cons

So you’re going to Walt Disney World and you’re not sure where to stay, right? Trust us, it can be a very overwhelming process to plan a trip to Walt Disney World especially if it’s your first Disney World Trip or your only trip. But, before you decide much else, you need to make the decision about whether or not you will be staying on-site or off-site at Walt Disney World. Here’s a quick guide we hope you find helpful in making that first decision.

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The Pros of Staying Off-Site at Walt Disney World

Many factors play into whether staying off-site at Walt Disney will be a budget-friendly Disney vacation move. Depending on what time of year you are going, how big your family is, or what discounts you could get by staying on property at Walt Disney World will all make a difference. As Disney Annual Passholders we don’t qualify for a lot of the special discounts that make sense. But, we also no longer have to worry about paying for park tickets so we count that as a perk of being an annual passholder.

Staying Off-Site Can Save You A Lot of Money ( Sometimes)

The biggest discount that is missed by staying off-property is the Free Disney Dining Plan offer, but this is rarely offered now. The second-biggest discount missed is the Disney Bounceback Offer, which you can only get by being on a Disney Vacation and staying at a Disney Resort to start with. While not always offered, both of these can save you thousands on trips. 

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Off-Site Hotels at Walt Disney World are Roomier

While not always 100% true, the chances of bigger rooms off-site in Orlando are greater. At Walt, Disney World families of 5 or more usually have to opt for the family suites at Art of Animation Resort, which can be pricey. Worse still, is the alternative of booking two rooms at a Disney Resort so there is room for everyone. Of course, if you add in the possibility of renting DVC points to cover a stay at a Villa on the property you may actually be better off. Or you can just check out the Top 10 Best Hotels Near Walt Disney World to see what we mean.

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Staying Off-Site at Walt Disney World Allows You To Get Away from It All

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE staying on Disney property. We love the theming, the vibe, and even the crazy cafeterias. But the truth is that even at some of the most relaxing Disney Value Resorts like Pop Century Resort there seems to always be an element of chaos. Since we’ve taken up Disney resort hopping we have gotten to see a wide variety of resorts at all pricing levels and you can get away from the chaos if you pay more. Who doesn’t love grabbing a dole whip with their toes in the sand while at the Polynesian? Or having tea at the Grand Floridian during a classic Florida thunderstorm? But even then, there are ALWAYS people around. While that’s fine for some people, others really do want to get away and not be surrounded by people in Mickey Ears or taking photos every 5 seconds. If you need the break, then staying off-site may be for you.

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You Can Cook Your Own Food (Maybe)

Unless you’re staying in a DVC villa on Disney property you won’t have access to a kitchen during your vacation. And preparing your own food is one of the best ways to save money. Or if you’re watching your waistline, you may prefer to cook your own meals even just occasionally while at Disney. We have seen some offsite hotel properties that offer small kitchenettes, like Homewood Suites or Hyatt Place. Of course, if you’re going all out by staying in a condo or a house, you’ll have all the comforts of home right there for you. And there really isn’t anything like a nice home-cooked breakfast or late dinner after a long day at Disney. So this is something to consider if you’re not ready for a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) level stay. 

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You’re Closer to Everything Else in Orlando, Florida

Want to visit Universal Studios? Trying to get away to Winter Haven for a day or even planning some beach time during your Walt Disney World vacation? You might be better off staying off-property. When we tackled the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in one day, we stayed at a hotel 5 minutes away from Universal. It was 30 minutes from Magic Kingdom. Walt Disney World is so huge that getting just on and off property can take a long time. Even without factoring in the crazy traffic that can sometimes happen in Orlando.

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Cons of Staying Off-Site at Walt Disney World

Ok, so now that we’re through the pros of staying off-site at Walt Disney World, let’s get honest about the cons. 

Staying Off-Site at Disney is Just a Lot Less Magical

We love staying on property at Walt Disney World. And if you’re looking for an immersive Disney experience this will be a big con for you too. For us, a Disney vacation really is about the theming of the resort with all our favorite Disney details, the access to Disney-themed food in the cafeterias, the late-night Disney movies on the lawn, and the trivia-filled pool parties. With Disney, it really is all in the details! Because you just won’t get the pirate pool at Disney’s Caribbean Resort, or the evening performers outside Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

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You’ll Have to Pay for Parking Twice

Chances are you already paid for your hotel parking off-site. Unless you were lucky and got a deal, or are staying at an Airbnb. And now you’ll have to pay for parking at the parks as well. Unless you’re an Annual Passholder or are taking an Uber, the sad fact is that parking at WDW is EXPENSIVE. At $25/day, depending on how many days you plan to go, that can add up pretty quickly. Check out the best ways to Avoid Disney Parks Parking Fees. 

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You Won’t get Access to Big Disney Discounts

Any discount that is part of a Magic Your Way Package is not available unless you’re staying off-property. It’s just that simple. To see what you’d be missing, check out the Disney Special Offers page.

You Won’t Have Access to Complimentary Disney Transportation

While we can truthfully say we’ve driven in much worse places (Los Angeles, I’m talking to you), driving in Orlando can sometimes be the worst! While we haven’t run into any issues with congestion or accidents, we’ve heard enough horror stories to know that Disney transportation is a godsend. No matter how flawed it may be. The combo of the monorail, buses, Minnie Vans courtesy of Lyft, and the Skyliner gondolas are multiple options for when you need to get around. But of course, if you stay off-site- you could also just call a taxi if you don’t want to pay for parking again. Note: Even if you’re not staying on the property, you will have access to Disney transportation once at the Parks and can use it freely.

You Don’t Get the Disney Resort Perks

While Walt Disney World has slowly been taking away free offerings, even for Disney Resort Guests, there are still some Perks for Staying On-site at Walt Disney World. Here’s the Line-up. 

  • Advanced Dining Reservations can be made 60 days in advance for the entirety of your vacation.
  • Early Theme Park Entry
  • Extended Evening Theme Park Hours. Check the Disney Calendar for when these hours are offered. 
  • MagicBands at Pre-Arrival Prices. You can find these discounted MagicBands in the My Disney Experience App.
  • Early Access to purchase Individual Lightning Lane Passes at 7 am each day of your vacation. ( Swan and Dolphin Hotel Guests also get this perk.)
  • Disney Dining Plan Access upon booking.
  • Disney Resort Guests get FREE Parking at the Resorts, Disney Theme Parks, Disney Springs, and Disney Water Parks. 

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Where Can You Stay Off-Site at Walt Disney World?

By staying off-property, you have so many more options and can really get away from it all. You can easily get a condo or even a whole house. Orlando has a lot of them, and some of them even have their own private pool.  Check out  Groupon for discounted hotel rooms and condos or AirBnB for unique listings. You can also choose Good Neighbor Hotels that come with many of the same perks as Disney Resort properties. Check out the full lineup of perks here. 

Good Neighbor Hotels Close to Walt Disney World

Is Staying Off-Site at Walt Disney World Better?

As you can see from this post the truth is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of situation. It will depend on your family’s tastes, priorities, and budget, especially when traveling to Disney World with a Large Group.  We hope this has been helpful in your decision to stay off or on the property when visiting Walt Disney World. And have an amazing vacation!


Thinking of Staying off site at Walt Disney World to save some money? There's a ton to consider if you're looking for a budget friendly alternative to on-site at Disney. Here's all the Pros and Cons of staying OFF-SITE at Walt Disney World and if its really worth it or not. #disneyresorts #orlandohotels #disneytips #offsiteatdisney #goodneighborhotels #polkadotpixies

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